12Win Casino versus SCR888 Casino

12Win Casino versus SCR888 Casino


Malaysia is undeniably a huge market for online casino industry given its limitation on gambling activities as rules and regulations imposed by the local authority. There are many casino and slot game products in the market. 12Win Casino and SCR888 Casino are two of the most popular casino products amongst others. Here comes the question: which one is a better product to be accepted by the gamblers?


A Quick Glance at 12Win Casino

Powered by Playtech, 12Win Casino is undoubtedly a long-time casino brand in Malaysia especially inside illegal gambling dens (or knows as Kedai Mesin Judi in Malay). 12Win Casino commands a significant share of online casino market in Malaysia. As 12Win Casino is application-based game software which is downloadable by the end users on either mobile devices or computers, it offers much faster loading speed than many other web-based casino products in the market. Moving forward into 21st century, casino players are said to have higher requirements on product’s graphic design as well as game features. Having said that, 12Win Casino is still one of the most popular casino products despite the fact that it has not upgraded its products features significantly for quite sometimes.

The Rising of SCR888 Mobile Slot Game

In the past, gamblers participate in SCR888 slot games via computer in illegal gambling dens, so called offline model as SCR888 PC version only requires a core server being installed while connecting to many client PC at one time. Since mid-2015, SCR888 company has brought SCR888 mobile version to the market which caters for the rising demand for mobile slot games in Malaysia. At first, SCR888 mobile was only downloadable using Android mobile devices. Nevertheless, IOS version of SCR888 mobile was then introduced in January 2016 which attempts to capture the needs arising from iPhone users. Coupled with its popularity in the local Malay gambling market, we believe SCR888 mobile IOS version will be widely accepted by the gamblers in Malaysia.

A Comparison on Live Casino Game Features

12Win Casino offers several live casino games, including Baccarat, Roulette, BlackJack, Poker, and Sic Bo, that really gained loyalty from the local casino players. With not much difference as compared to the only licensed casino operator in Malaysia – Genting Casino, a player no longer needs to go miles away just for betting excitements. Instead, they can bet anytime anywhere as they want with 12Win Casino’s PC and Mobile versions. With real-time live feeds from studio casino mostly based in Philippines, gamblers can now place their bets 24 hours a day without any hassles. In contrast, SCR888 Casino does not offer live casino games but only slot games.

12Win Slot versus SCR888 Slot

Many of the slot games being offered by 12Win Casino and SCR888 Casino are quite similar in a way, such as Highway Kings, Great Blue, Monkey Thunderbolt, Dolphin Cash, Silver Bullet, etc. However, SCR888 Casino offers some other offline casino games for instance Roulette 36, Roulette 24, and Roulette 12 which are quite niche in the local casino market due to scarcity. There is an additional game feature on SCR888 Casino’s slot games: a player can choose to gamble instead of taking his or her winnings after one game. In the secondary slot game, player is allowed to take additional risks by betting on card game with 50-50 possibility, i.e. betting on the result for either red card or black card. This is undeniably one of the most unique slot game features which bring a lot more excitements to gamblers.


Well, 12Win or SCR888?

At the end of the day, we would say that 12Win Casino and SCR888 Casino have respectively gained their own loyal customer base in the Malaysian online casino market. Speaking of system stability, SCR888 Casino is considered much weaker than 12Win Casino while it is sometimes heard that player would hack SCR888 slot games to get windfall winnings once in a while. Notwithstanding the above, most of the online casino operators are still offering SCR888 to their customers given strong demand in the market.

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