3Win8 – Play the Newest Mobile Slot Game in 2016

3Win8 – Play the Newest Mobile Slot Game in 2016

How Much You Know About 3Win8?

Just in case some of you who have not heard about 3Win8 before, let me guide you through a quick tour. 3Win8 is the latest mobile online slot games in 2016 that was just launched few months ago. It is still very fresh in the market. What actually is 3Win8? In fact, it is a centralised mobile slot gaming platform that combines some of the most popular slot games from Playtech, SCR888, SKY3888, and Clubsuncity. As most of you know, Playtech is the most-played online casino brand in Malaysia. Its top slot games include Highway Kings, Great Blue, Dolphin Reef, Silver Bullet, Bonus Bears, and many more. More often, we would play these slot games through Playtech’s casino brands, such as Rollex, NewTown, LuckyPalace, Crown, and LeoCity88. Nonetheless, you can now play all these slot games at 3Win8 too.

Not only the above, 3Win8 also provides similar slot games from SCR888 and SKY3888. As we all know, SCR888 and SKY3888 are the two most played mobile slot game products recently. Everyone is insane about these products. They have created a new trend in the Malaysian online casino industry – play and win big cash from mobile slot games! More and more players are making switch from live casino games to online slot games. Why shouldn’t one play mobile slot games with higher winning payout? 3Win8 has incorporated the strengths of SCR888 and SKY3888 into its platform. You can also find similar slot games like Thai Paradise, Monkey Thunderbolt, Kimochii, Horse Derby and many others. You would definitely experience the same as you play in SCR888 and SKY3888. Likewise, big progressive jackpots are also available at 3Win8 that can possibly make you rich overnight.

Bet most of you have heard of Wukong, also known as Monkey Story Plus. It is the most famous multiplayer online slot game in Malaysia. Clubsuncity is the first in the country which has launched this slot game. Do not get confused with other two similar casino brands, namely PlayBoy888 and GreatWall99. They are all the same casino brands offering exactly the same casino games in Malaysia, difference is only the brand name. These brands have been providing unique and exclusive slot games that you can hardly find in the market. However, 3Win8 has recognised the popularity of these multiplayer slot games, then incorporate it into its product features.

Basically, you need not to own 4 casino game IDs for Playtech, SCR888, SKY3888, and Clubsuncity, in order to play all the fun slot games above. All you need is one single game ID with 3Win8. Isn’t this convenient for you? Do not worry about the game interface or user-friendliness, as 3Win8 is just as simple as SCR888 to use. Now, let’s be patient and find out more benefits of playing 3Win8 in the following sections.

How to Win from 3Win8?

This could be the first question that comes across your mind when you hear about 3Win8. I have a theory, hypothetical though. But it is always proven to be correct. I always believe that by playing new slot game product, you would stand higher chance to win big. Why is that so? Just take SCR888 as example, why would this product get sizzling hot after being launched to the market? Most of the people would tell you the same thing: it’s much easier to win from SCR888 than other products. Absolutely yes. The company of SCR888 has deployed a strategic tactic: increase winning payout that is higher than usual to create brand awareness. This is totally viable. Just imagine, what would be the next thing you do when you grab the fat big cash jackpots from SCR888? You would be bragging all day long with your friends. The next move of your friends are to try out and see how magical is SCR888. If they are lucky enough to strike cash jackpots or even free bonus games, they would again spread the news. This is just like domino effect. This is how SCR888 could rapidly snap market share from others within the shortest possible timeframe.

Let’s back to our topic, how to win from 3Win8? In fact, you do not have to do anything but just play the games. I strongly believe it will undertake the same tactics as what SCR888 did in the past, as it is completely a proven success. The only thing you might need to do is to increase your betting turnover to maximise profits. Why would I say so? The universal law in the world to win big from slot games is to bet as big as you can. Higher betting turnover would possibly help you to increase odds of winning. Every slot game has a pre-set winning payout policy. It’s just about how you sort out the formula and logic to constantly win from the games. Hence, one simple way is to deposit and bet as much as you can to increase your chances to win.

In addition, some of the online betting sites do offer free casino bonus promotion to reward customers. This would significantly increase your wagers to some certain extents. Of course, there are some attached conditions before you can withdrawal from game accounts. Nevertheless, this wouldn’t be a concern if you win really big from the games. I strongly recommend you to do some researches to find out which online betting sites offer the highest free casino bonuses. One of the casino review sites that I personally prefer is CasinoSearch88. It provides timely and accurate market information about Malaysian online casino industry.

How to Download 3Win8 Games?

As a matter of fact, 3Win8 supports desktop version, Android version and IOS version. However, its desktop version is only available at retail, which is those illegal gambling dens in Malaysia. The reason being is that its desktop version is carried out under LAN network model. Each client PC needs to be connected to game server in another PC. Therefore, you can only play Android version or IOS version from home. Below is the latest game download link for 3Win8:

3Win8 Slot Game Download Link: http://m.3win8.com/download

Besides, you may also find below some of the game snapshots from 3Win8 slot games for your reference. Good luck to your winning journey with 3Win8 slot games!

3Win8 3Win8 3Win8 3Win8 3Win8 3Win8 3Win8                                        3Win8

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