918KISS Android APK and iOS Mobile Slot Games

918KISS Android APK and iOS Mobile Slot Games

What is 918KISS?

918KISS has been the hottest topic in town since days ago. On 5th January 2018, SCR888 has made an official announcement that they have rolled out a new mobile slot gaming brand – 918 KISS to replace the old SCR888.

Nobody knows what are the real motives behind this. Game server got blocked by the local authority? Rebranding campaign? I guess only the company itself would know.

Well, what kind of new stuff can we expect from this new mobile slot game? Ever since the official release of its Android APK and iOS version, we’ve roughly gone through and realize that there is nothing much different. Just in case you have not had any clue about the new 918KISS, let us bring you for a short tour in the following section.

More Colourful, Young, and Dynamic Game Login Page

918Kiss Game Login Page

Once you’ve finished updating your old SCR888 to the new 918Kiss App, you will find that its game login page is now completely different. They’ve changed the theme colour to a younger and more dynamic feel. Brand logo has been replaced by the new logo as well. From here, it’s hard to tell that 918Kiss has any relationship with the old SCR888.

New Game Loading Page with Sexy Girl

918KISS Loading Page

When I first looked at its game loading page, I was like WOW! Frankly, it has really upgraded significantly from the older version. Yes, how can one online casino without the company of sexy hot girl? I guess that girl would be the focus of all under its game loading page.

Remember last time when SCR888 Casino used a slot gaming hall as the background of its game loading page? Yes, it was kinda old-fashioned. In the latest version, they have also changed the background to a more city feel kind of stuff, with purple colour as the main theme colour.

Futuristic Slot Game Lobby with Special Bonus

918KISS Game Lobby

I guess you know where we are now. Yes, we are at the game lobby of 918Kiss. Except the brand logo and colour combination, everything else seems like the same as the old SCR888. Of course, its background music has helped us to confirm on one statement: THIS IS SCR888!

If you surf through its game menu, you would find out that all mobile slot games remain the same. No more nor lesser. If you were a SCR888 online casino agent, you may try to explain to your players that nothing has been changed in the new slot game version.

Advantages of Playing 918KISS Mobile Slot Games

Although everything remains the same, we do not know what really has been changed behind the scene. Fortunately, we have gathered feedbacks and comments from some of the industry experts and even insiders from SCR888 headquarter. In general, it seems to be much better by playing 918KISS than SCR888. Let us quickly go through some of the salient points:

  • Higher Winning Payout: As a new slot game brand in Malaysia, some say 918KISS would need to heighten its winning payout in order to retain slot game players. This could be a chance for you to win big from this new slot game.
  • More Secured While Playing: SCR888 has been in the local media or newspaper for the past several months. The local authority has announced that they will take serious action against both operators and customers relating to SCR888. Using a new brand logo to gamble, it appears to be much safer and more secure.
  • Quick Game Connection: We’ve also found that its game infrastructure has been upgraded massively as well. During our game test for the past few days, lesser game data disconnection has been spotted. Players can now enjoy smooth online slot gaming experience in 918Kiss.


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