918Kiss Casino Online | Enjoy Your Hassle Free Casino Game In 918Kiss Live

918Kiss Casino Online | Enjoy Your Hassle Free Casino Game In 918Kiss Live

918Kiss Casino Online has already got its fame for being one of the best online casino game platforms in Malaysia. It has even won several awards for its creativity and innovative. This is why 918Kiss Casino Online technical team is always finding and making the best for fellow players. 918Kiss always make sure their online casino games always in perfect condition. With this, 918Kiss has spent millions of Ringgit per year in just maintaining and upkeep the online casino platform. It has shown that the dedication of the 918Kiss administrator in making sure everybody in the platform is having a good time.

Apart from that, there is no 100% for everything no matter how good you are. Sometimes players are still complaining about the slow gaming speed they have experience when they are playing 918Kiss. In this article, we will share about the cause of slow gaming experience and the method of resolve it effectively. It is a little bit longer but will be pretty helpful for you, hope you enjoy it.

The Causes Of 918Kiss Casino Online Game Stuck / Hang – Internet Problems

Well, this is the circumstance that no one wishes it to happen, especially in the middle of the game. 918Kiss Casino Online is always trying the best to make all of the games run smoothly, bug-free for better enjoyment. However, there are situations that no one can prevent, such as game stuck, or normally known as “hang”. This situation has many causes, most common causes are internet problem or player device problem. In this section, we will discuss internet problem.

For internet problem, the common situations are poor internet coverage and weak signal. Poor internet coverage means that your internet service provider system is interrupted. It might not have proper server station or wiring for your area, which causes the cover to be poor. When the coverage is poor, your internet signal input and output will be a real problem. Problematic signal input and output mean your device will face difficulty in sending or receiving data. This is problematic since everything in 918Kiss is digitalized (data based).

 The weak signal might be caused by problematic internet router or internet card of your pc/ laptop. As we all known electronic devices are having a limited lifespan, just like human being. The longevity of the electronic device largely depends on the user, more specifically how the user uses it. The same device with two different users, one on it for 3 hours with 1-hour offline period. In the meanwhile,  another one is 24 hours online, the later one will surely have a lower lifespan.

Sluggish internet speed out of this cause is a symptom of device failure. It does not mean your device already KO but just some last message from your device. These will, in turn, bring direct impact to your gaming experience. Especially everything become so slow, or can’t move at all.

The Causes Of 918Kiss Game Stuck/Hang – Device Problems

For device problem, RAM, storage availability and overheating are the main causes of it.

RAM can be defined as random access memory, which means how much data your device can hold in instant. RAM is very different from storage as RAM only holds memory for a short while. Storage is for the long term, just like the working memory and long-term memory in the human brain. When the RAM is low, yet you have opened many application or programs, your device is most likely to hang.

We all know that our devices come with different space of storage, some are high and some are low. In fact, storage availability depends on how we manage our data in the device. Low storage causes your device to react so slowly because it no longer has any place to store more information. Imagine that your tummy is already full and you will have to eat another 10 plates of chicken rice. Am I pretty sure this will sure be an extremely slow process, isn’t it?

Last, but not the least, overheating problem. Overheating problem is usually caused by a hardware problem, probably poor soldering work or battery problem. Poor soldering work will cause a short circuit to happen. Short circuit at non-critical area will not cause your device to fail but will consume your battery power. This will, in turn, overheat your battery as the consumption is too high. Battery problem normally happens when the battery half-life has come to the end. It has poor conduction and produces lots of heat.

How To Overcome 918Kiss Game Stuck/Hang Problem

“You use what you have” is one of the best things you can do.  If you already know your internet coverage is poor or your device internet card is problematic, stop playing 918Kiss. What you should do next is to find a place with better coverage. Since the winning or losing the game is money related matter, don’t let the internet problem fail you.

Device problem is easier to handle as compared to internet problem. RAM and storage problem can be easily tackled. Clean up your RAM by using software can clear up your device in no time. For battery problem, just change another battery.

Hopefully, by doing all these procedures, it will clear all the hardware matter of 918Kiss game stuck/hang problem. So, enjoy your game!

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