918Kiss Kiosk | 918Kiss Agent Free Bonus | 918Kiss Free Download

918Kiss Kiosk | 918Kiss Agent Free Bonus | 918Kiss Free Download


Some of you might be wondering what is the 918Kiss kiosk, as it is not commonly been seen anywhere. According to the definition, a kiosk is a small cubicle which newspapers, refreshments, tickets etc are sold. However, it is not possible to have such thing at an online casino, isn’t it? At this point, the 918Kiss kiosk means that the place where clients can get help or inquiry. Besides, if you wish to get extra income, you can apply to become one of the 918Kiss kiosk admin.

For your information, 918Kiss live never announce the job vacancy anywhere else. If you want to be one of the admin, you need to send an inquiry to the admin. As mentioned beforehand, admin contacts you through the 918Kiss kiosk. So just inform them about it and they will tell you what to do next. In case you receive the offer message, please reply it asap.

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If you are lucky, there might be the vacancy for the admin position, though the chance is not that high. The management might request for your resume and have a short online interview with you. Basically, they will test you about your knowledge of becoming an online casino admin. If your basic knowledge is ok, your chance of getting hired is pretty high.

The 918Kiss admin is kind of work from home job. They will provide you a special page to log in (with your username and password). This page is entirely different from the usual 918Kiss. You can only log in for administration purpose and you can’t play 918Kiss games here.

Talking about work nature, usually, the admin has to work in shift. For your information, the different 918Kiss official page has different admin in charge. The admin does not have to work for multiple pages. However, it is a must for admin to standby along the period of duty. In case if the admin is away from the keyboard for a long time, the admin will receive the penalty. So please prepare yourself mentally and physically if you are becoming a 918Kiss admin. Anyway, all of the 918Kiss admin are well paid if only they do their job well.

As for job scope, the 918Kiss admin has to answer the clients’ questions, no matter how hard it is. The frequently asked questions are about how to register 918Kiss and how to withdraw money. Another job for admin is to transfer the money as per requested. Admin is very careful in doing this as if there is any mistake; the admin is toasted for sure.


Some of you might be wondering about the differences between 918Kiss agent and admin. Many of you confused about the job as an online casino agent. Being an online casino agent is very different as compared to online casino admin from many aspects. For job scope, online casino agents have to look for new clients.

They have to get the new clients to register in order to get paid. In other words, online casino agent’s salary is largely depending on the numbers of new clients that he has invited. This is very different from admin as the admin’s salary is fixed. If an agent fails to get any new client, he will get nothing for the month.

If you are still hesitating about what to do, either online casino agent or admin, you have to read this. Your personality is very important in choosing the job that suits you the most. In fact, this job matching method works for everyone. Every personality is having its very unique characteristic, which makes each of us suitable to do the certain type of career. Since 918Kiss admin and agent are part-time jobs, we do not need to do detail career personality test. What you have to do is just ask yourself a few questions, then everything will be crystal clear for you.


First of all, one thing to ponder is whether you are extrovert or introvert. Extrovert kind of person is very outgoing, talkative and sociable. Oppositely, the introvert is pretty shy, less talkative and tend to spend more time on themselves. Many of us have misunderstood that introvert person does not talk, but this mindset is wrong. Introverts can talk just like most of us, but they prefer to stay in their own world. From this aspect, if you are more extrovert than introvert, most probably you are suitable to be a 918Kiss agent.

Then, you need to consider your persuasiveness and charisma. A persuasive person is not feeling awkward when you are trying to persuade someone or promote something. On top of that, a persuasive person is very confident in himself and deeply believe he can persuade anyone. He/she will not feel uneasy to talk with anyone and can do hard sales anytime, anywhere. If these statements describe you, then most probably agent is the right job for you. Oppositely, if you are feeling uneasy or reluctant to promote something, then admin is the right job for you.

Anyway, there is nothing good or bad to be admin or agent, just the job nature is quite different. However, one thing in common is that both of the jobs are really money earning kind of job. In other words, it is good to work for 918Kiss. Are you interested to work for 918Kiss? Contact our admin right now!

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