918Kiss Live | Introduction to 918Kiss Online Casino

918Kiss Live | Introduction to 918Kiss Online Casino

918Kiss Live Casino Introduction

Gone are the days where people would sit in cars, buses and even helicopters, and brace themselves for a ride up a hill to try their hand at gambling in Malaysia’s only available casino. In this day and age of advanced technology, land casinos have become a thing of the past, and online casinos have become the favorite choice amongst avid gamblers. This new advanced medium provides convenience, more game choices, and the comfort of gambling in your underwear – if that is something you find fruitful.

So where is the best place online to take part in this escapade? 918Kiss Live. According to a forum on Quora, 918Kiss Live ranks as a popular choice amongst online players. The name of the site has left several curious commentators asking about the whereabouts of this unique name. Reading some of the comments on Quora should give prospective users a good comprehension of what to expect. However, a quick search on “918Kiss Live” should bring about useful information and a quick access for the fun to begin.

918Kiss Live Casino Website

According to 918Kiss Live sources, the online casino’s official site has been recently re-launched. This allows for users and visitors to check out what 918Kiss Live has to offer or to obtain more information about anything related to 918Kiss Live. The new and improved website is said to have an incredible user experience that will sure to impress incoming new users and old ones alike. The software used for the site is not only the latest, but 918Kiss Live has also amped up on its security and protection for the entire website and app. This provides a huge reassurance and confidence for all its users. The 918Kiss Live website is a secured website, meaning that no threats or malware attacks or even hacking attempts will survive the website. So rest assured, your money within the site and betting experience will not be compromised in any shape or form.

918Kiss Live Games

918Kiss Live has made its stance with users for its wide variety of games, ranging from slot games to racing, and even classic casino games. Another feature that has users intrigued is the “live casino”. This feature allows users to bet on live games while playing with other online users. The experience allows for 918Kiss Live users to have the same experience at any other regular casino but in the comfort of one’s own home. What makes the live casino even more enticing is the live presence of a dealer via online. 918Kiss Live also has a downloadable app that allows users to bring the online casino along wherever their heart desires.

With technology such as today, it is no surprise that many people are looking to bring their work and games along with them wherever they go. Smartphones are one of the most widely used forms of technology. Every year the smartphone industry tries to outsmart one another. It is no wonder why many companies are hopping on to this bandwagon as well. 918Kiss Live was genius enough to create an app for users and new users to bring on the go. The 918Kiss Live app can be download on all Android and iOS devices. With this app available, it has become extremely convenient for users to play online casino games via online and on the app.

New Registered User Benefits

The numerous games are not the only thing keeping the users pouring in, but the fantastic payouts that users experience when they bet with 918Kiss Live. Upon signing up, users will know about 918Kiss Live’ promotions, bonuses and service advantages. All new users who register are given a generous welcome. A total of 30 percent bonus is given to all new registered users. On top of that, users will get an additional eight percent unlimited redeposit bonus. Last but not least, the service advantage at 918Kiss Live is the cherry on top of the icing. The people at 918Kiss Live assure users of an average two-minute deposit time, along with a 12-minute average time for withdrawing. However, the average time does not include issues with banks. Relatively, it has a quick processing rate in comparison to most transactions. Even online shopping is not as fast.

At this point, it seems a little too good to be true. 918Kiss Live undergoes regular audits. On its official website, the company assures users that their personal and financial information is always secured. 918Kiss Live also instills the commitment to pay out in Malaysian Ringgit at the users preferred local bank account. Or directly into the user’s debit or credit cards. According to an official statement by 918Kiss Live, “That ensures you can collect and spend your winnings right away, rather than waiting several days or more.”

24-Hours Customer Service

If a prospective user is still unconvinced, or further information is needed, 918Kiss Live is available for contact in all forms of communication, via mobile apps such as WhatsApp, Wechat, and Line, at all hours of the day -24/7. They are also contactable via telephone and email but don’t take my word for it. A simple search for their website should answer many unanswered questions. Another said that the website has is the chat box on the bottom right of the screen. A chat box will appear whenever the user logs on. So if the user is ever in need of something, or there is a question. Feel free to type in your inquiries and 918Kiss Live will get back to you as soon as possible.

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