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Many of us would prefer to play online casino by using mobile apps. This is because it is portable and we can play it anytime and anywhere we like. Besides, we have more privacy when playing 918Kiss app as the screen is so small. However, some of us still prefer to play 918Kiss using PC or laptop out of several reasons. We will elaborate the reasons later but lets first discuss 918Kiss PC download.


918Kiss PC download is the very first thing you need to do if you wish to play 918Kiss PC version. If you are not going to download it, you can’t play it with your PC. Hence, you must follow these steps closely to have your 918Kiss PC download.

First, you must log in to 918Kiss official website. Bear in mind that you must always download 918Kiss from the official website. If you download the pirate one, the setup package might contain virus, worms or spyware. You will expose your personal info to unnecessary danger as someone can obtain your details and use it for a crime. If hackers have your bank account details, they can withdraw your money whenever they like. Hence, please download 918Kiss from official website only.

Second, you might notice that there is no download available for the PC version. The only versions available are Android and iPhone versions. However, it is still possible to play 918Kiss in PC by downloading a software. So what you have to do now is download the APK version first.

Third, key in “Bluestacks or Amiduos” at Google, these are the emulators to run APK files in PC. Please beware that you must only download this software from the trusted website. You can learn about the trustworthy of a website by referring to the word “trusted website” at your Google search result. If you simply download it from somewhere else, you will have to bear the risk of getting hacked.

Fourth, follow the steps provided by Bluestacks or Amiduos to install 918Kiss. After the installation is done, you are now accessible to play 918Kiss PC version!

918kiss download

918Kiss register


As mentioned beforehand, there are several benefits of playing 918Kiss apps, such as privacy and convenience. If you are having your very own computer in your room, privacy is no longer a problem. Playing 918Kiss by using pc is much more fun than playing with a mobile phone. Since the PC’s specifications are better than the mobile phone, such as RAM and graphics card. The graphic effect, sound effect, and speed of 918Kiss PC version are superior to app version. Since PC has a better graphics card and sound card, it creates greater visual and audio stimulation for the player.

PC has a wider screen and better sound player devices, players do not have to torture their eyes on a small screen. Playing 918Kiss by using your PC is allowing you to sit back and relax during the game playing process. Since mobile version is keeping your hands occupied, it is not possible for you to multitask. PC allows you to open multiple tabs. Hence, you are able to do some other things while you are enjoying 918Kiss. Besides, mobile phone’s 918Kiss gaming period is greatly limited by your phone battery lifespan. By using PC, players are able to play 918Kiss for a long period because the PC is directly plugged in.



Most importantly, you are able to enjoy smooth and uninterrupted 918Kiss by using PC. As you know that mobile phone is a multifunctional telecommunication device. This means that somebody is capable of calling you in the middle of a game. 918Kiss is an online casino and most of the games are money winning/losing matter. Imagine that you are about to win big and someone call you. Your game is interrupted and you lose your money right away. This situation is totally preventable. What you have to do is just playing 918Kiss by using your PC. Once the 918Kiss is running as the main program, the rest of the application will remain restored. Any activity other than 918Kiss shall be run in the background. So, this is why we are recommending the serious player to play 918Kiss by using PC.


Before you download 918Kiss PC, you must make sure you have enough storage space, RAM space, and graphics card support. Other than this, protect your PC from virus and worms is another important thing to do. Always remember that there are many websites to download 918Kiss, but only a few are the official one. Please download 918Kiss from the official website only. Unofficial website download might expose your PC to unnecessary danger, such as virus and spyware. Most of the time it is already too late when you find out about the infection. So, it is still the best to prevent it.

Your Windows is built up with one excellent defense mechanism – firewall. Firewall is able to block out almost everything unless it is allowed by the user. Make sure your firewall is on upon download and only allow 918Kiss to pass through it. Another thing you can do is download antivirus or antispyware software. You don’t have to purchase expensive antivirus because the freeware serves the same function. Make sure the protection mode is active and check it from time to time for any possible infection. Delete the virus immediately if you found any.

In case the virus is too difficult to deal with, there is another way. For this method, you will have to schedule restore point beforehand. If the virus infection is too serious, you can always go back to the particular restore point. This method works for any PC fatal error, too.

Well, hope you can enjoy your 918Kiss PC download game real soon. Come on and download It right away!

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