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SCR888 Casino

The SCR888 Casino is the highly popular Online Gambling Site in the Malaysia. SCR888 Casino is a new product of the SKY3888 Casino, it is a previous version of the SCR888 Casino. After the SCR888 Casino had officially launched in the Malaysia, then the company end the SKY3888 Casino in the market. Which now, over millions of the SCR888 Casino’s fan enjoyable the service on the site.

3Win8 Casino

The 3Win8 Casino is the latest Online Gambling Site in the Malaysia. 3Win8 Casino is providing the similar service of gambling with the SCR888 Casino. But nowadays, the 3Win8 Casino is slowly beating with the SCR888 Casino, the stronger online gambling site in Malaysia.

Online Casino Malaysia

The Online Casino became the hottest topic in the Malaysia in past few years. Since the gambling allows the people to win the money while the game had won. Now, most of the people treat the online casino as the best entertainment.

With the online version of the casino, the people able to play the game on the Internet-connected the device. Which has to save the money travel to the land-based casino? Playing online casino game, people can play the game in the home with a comfortable place. Thanks to the Internet and technology bring convenient service into the world.

SCR888 Casino or 3Win8 Casino is the Best?

Both of them have the different advantages in the service.

Product of SCR888 Casino and 3Win8 Casino

In this view, both of the casinos are providing the similar casino games on the gambling site. There are the Online Slot Games, Video Table Games, and Online Arcade Games. Within those three categories of the casino games on both Casinos, they are the similar casino games, including the Great Blue, Highway King, Dolphin Reef, Wukong, Baccarat and so on.

Besides that, both of the casinos are offering the two modes gameplay. One is the online mode, and another one is the offline mode. Both of the modes are doing the different actions on the game. The online mode is the mode that allows playing with others player. But the offline mode doesn’t allow to play with others, just play the game alone.

Under the product from both of the casinos, only has a different number of casino games. The SCR888 Casino has more than 100 choices of the casino game, but the 3Win8 Casino has nearly 60 choices of the games.

Features Provided by SCR888 Casino and 3win8 Casino

The feature is acting an important role of the service. Since the SCR888 Casino is mainly focused on the slot game, they inserted the Progressive Jackpot into most of the slots. As mentioned above, they have more than 100 choices of the game; 70% of the games are the slots. And most of the slots are inserted the feature.

Nevertheless, the SCR888 Casino had adjusted the winning rate for their member. And their member will have a higher winning rate by playing their casino games. In this situation, the 3Win8 Casino’s winning rate will be lower than the SCR888 does.

The progressive jackpot on the 3Win8 gambling site, they did as well. But they inserted into fewer slots than the SCR888 does.

The Software of SCR888 Casino and 3Win8 Casino

Each of the online casinos has their device software or the HTML5. It is a connection between the player and the House to deal with the casino games.

The SCR888 has the mobile application allows their member to play the casino games. Their mobile application is supporting on the iOS and Android operating systems. But their application is unavailable in the PC mode. It has a limitation on the gameplay.

Next, the 3Win8’s software is supporting on the PC, tablet, and smartphone. It is much better than the SCR888 does. With the PC software, it will be more convenient to play the game and do another thing else.

The Graphic of SCR888 Casino and 3Win8 Casino

Since the SCR888 is the old version of the gambling site, their graphic doesn’t make a major change. They are using a blue background as the theme. When comes to 3Win8’s graphic, the graphic is much better than the SCR888 did. 3Win8 is designed with a great graphic and background sound on the gambling site.

Which Did You Prefer? SCR888 Casino or 3Win8 Casino?

Through at the above and your view, which is the perfect Online Casino for you? With a good feature of the SCR888, or a great gambling environment of 3Win8? In my opinion, the SCR888 Online Casino is the best gambling site. As the goal of gambling is to win the money. And the SCR888 Online Casino is the best choice.

Which Online Casino Is the Best? SCR888 Casino or 3Win8 Casino?
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