How to Best Play SCR888 in 2018?

How to Best Play SCR888 in 2018?

Quick Review for SCR888 in 2017

SCR888 has been the hottest topic of all time in the recent years. It continues to climb high in terms of market share and number of players. Everyone loves SCR888.

Despite poorly structured gaming layout, SCR888 has succeeded to become the most played mobile slot games in Malaysia. How was it doing in the year of 2017? Let us take a quick tour:

  • Increased choices of slot games
  • Higher winning rate
  • Increased number of slot game players
  • Expanded to overseas countries

Thanks to the never-ending efforts contributed by its game development team, SCR888 has almost doubled its choices of slot games in 2017. Now its total number of games stand at approximately 140.

This would definitely gain more interest from players across the nations as they now have much more choices than before.

On the other hand, winning rate on average stands at a record high of 75.49% as of today. It’s considered the highest ever since its official launch in the first quarter of 2015.

What does it mean? Everyone can win money from SCR888. Imagine for every dollar invested in SCR888 slot games, you can possibly gain an average profits of RM0.7549. Quite a decent return. Of course, it’s always a zero sum game with winners and losers. You gotta learn harder in order to becoming expert to win from its slot games.

Today, there are more than 300,000 players online to play SCR888 slot games on a daily basis. This marks a significant hike in the number of slot game players as compared to the previous year. More number of players would possibly trigger the free bonus engine in slot games.

Besides Malaysia, SCR888 mobile slot games are now available in other foreign countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and many more. SCR888 is no longer a local online gambling brand. It is now one of the largest mobile slot gaming brands in South East Asia.

What Can You Expect in 2018?

2018 is just around the corner. While everyone is exciting how to celebrate new year eve, I would rather pay more attention to what would probably happen in SCR888 to make more profits.

In 2018, the major change of the SCR888 is the re-branding. They are planning to rebrand the name from the SCR888 to the 918KISS. However, all of the features that provide on the SCR888. They would convert it to the 918KISS and you still able to experience the same between both of the Casinos.

Based on reliable sources from insiders, SCR888 might possibly lower down its winning rate in 2018. Why? Wouldn’t this be great bad news for all SCR888 fans?

As some of you might know, nearly all illegal gambling dens in Malaysia have been shut down recently ahead of the upcoming general election, which is expected to be undertaken around April of 2018. Where do all the regular gamblers go? Genting Highlands? Macau? Or even Marina Bay Sands in Singapore?

Remember that lots of the local slot game players are actually Malay. Gambling is strictly prohibited under their religion. They would not want people to know they love to gamble. The only way for them to gamble is through illegal gambling dens or online gambling.

Given SCR888’s massive market share in the local online gambling industry, it is now the monopolistic market leader in Malaysia. Everyone has no choice but to play SCR888 slot games. With reduced competition, SCR888 would also possibly cut down its winning rate in the near term.

Enough with the downside, let us explore on some of the potential upsides in 2018. Its game development team will continue to design new mobile slot games to cater for the increasing market needs. Well, you can expect more and more mobile slot games will be on their way to publication.

On the other hand, there is a rumour saying that SCR888 might possibly launch its desktop version in 2018. Some of you might ask: isn’t SCR888 desktop version available already? My answer is NO. Previously, its desktop version is only available in illegal gambling dens with LAN network, which is limited to only local network. Based on speculation, the new desktop version would be allowed to be fully online-based. If that really happens, you can basically play SCR888 slot games wherever there is internet connection.

Save for the above, we all are curious to find out what would be the easiest-to-win slot games in 2018. I suggest you to stick with the old-fashioned ones, such like Highway Kings, Great Blue, Captain’s Treasure, Safari Heat, Silver Bullet, Wukong, etc.

Why is that so? Trust me, these games were developed long time ago with outdated payout algorithms. Therefore, it’s bonus payout structure is not as complex as those newly released slot games. It’s easier to win from these games. If you’re SCR888 hackers, it’s even simpler to hack these old-fashioned games than the new ones.

However, SCR888 Malaysia has announced that it will try to improve its security firewall to reduce the possibility of hacking its slot games. I believe hackers would need to spend more time in re-designing their hacking system to fight against the stricter security protocol. Don’t get too woried, you may also refer to our earlier post on how to effectively hack SCR888 slot games.

At last, I hope all the information above could help you in maximizing your online gambling profits. Cheers!




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