Biggest Winner In Online Casino: Multi-Millions Jackpot

Biggest Winner In Online Casino: Multi-Millions Jackpot

Online casino gambling has become so popular especially in the current internet world. It has made gambling more fun and easy since you don’t have to go to a casino to play. Since the introduction of online casinos, there has been many lucky winners who have really won big. There is nothing as good as winning a life changing jackpot. If you planning to join online gambling, you should sign up for an account in SCR888 Casino. Below is a list of Online Casino Biggest Winners:

The $24 million Slot Machine Win

This online casino win is a true definition of luck. This is because the winner just placed a bet of 25 cents. The 25 cents helped him win a whooping €17,861,800. This is approximately $24 million. This world record online casino win happened at gaming site called PAF which is located in Scandinavia. It was won by a man from Finland. Credible sources claim that he was in his 40 s when he hit the jackpot. He claims that when he got the news he laughed and cried at the same time in disbelieve.

UK Player wins £13.2 Million

If you ask the most experienced online casino players which are the most rewarding games, Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot can’t miss in their list. Jonathon Heywood from the United Kingdom can tell you better. He was able to win a total of £13.2 million. Mega Moolah was a 26-year-old British soldier. He won this incredible jackpot while he was playing for 25p per spin. This happened on the 6th of October 2016. When the news of the win came, this soldier was so excited that he couldn’t believe that it was real. He spent most of that cash in paying for the treatment of his sick dad.

Former World Guinness Record Win

This breathtaking online casino win took place on 24th September 2011. It happened to a young man from Norway. This young man was unable to sleep at night so he decided to play a few online casino games. Little did he know that this lack of sleep was a blessing in disguise. He was able to win a whooping €11,736,375 in just one night. This win was later ranked as the largest ever online casino jackpot payout. This anonymous player was unable to sleep until 6 in the morning due to the excitement.

The €8.57 Million by Alexander

Alexander was only 30 years old when he won €8,577,204. This is approximately $9.57 million. When he was asked about his luck, he said that he was speechless when first heard about this great news. He then decided to wake up his wife so that they could celebrate together. He claimed after the win, he was planning to lay low so that he would be able to pay his mortgage. He was also planning to get a new car and treat himself with a fabulous holiday.

The largest jackpot won on a mobile phone

This incredible progressive jackpot win took place on 28th of August, 2016. It made history as the largest progressive jackpot ever to be won on a mobile device. The name and location of this fortunate player was never disclosed. All we know is that a whopping 7.9 million euros was won in this jackpot. This is approximately $8.82 million. When the jackpot was hit, the player was enjoying Mega Moolah Mobile at Zodiac Casino. According to the operator, this winner was signed up to the online casino’s innovation promotion known as 80 Chances to Become a Millionaire. This innovation promotion needed only €1 deposit.

The €7.82 Million pay by Hall of Gods

This record breaking online casino win happened on 18th of April, 2015. A total of €7,820,888 ($8.73 million) was payed to an anonymous Online Casino player. According to the online casino management, the winner chooses to stay anonymous.

The 7.6 million Euros win by a Swedish player

This historical online casino win happened to a lucky woman on November 2012. She made history by being the biggest online casino winner in Sweden. She was playing the Hall of Gods slot game when she won a whole €7.6 million. She was playing it at one of the local Online Casino and she couldn’t believe it at first. When asked what she was planning to do with the money, she said she would pay all her loans then take her family to Thailand. She also mentioned the possibility of getting a new car. It was recorded as the biggest win to ever happen at the Sweden Online Casino.


Certainly there is a big opportunity for anyone who wish to become a millionaire in the Online Casino. The examples mentioned above are just some of the major multi-millions online casino winners. There are many more winners who wish to keep their identity anonymous. If you would like to try your luck in becoming an online casino millionaire, big opportunity awaits you at SCR888/ 918KISS Casino. Bet now and win big today.

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