Blackjack Secret: Lazy Man Blackjack Winning Strategy, $35k Profit

Blackjack Secret: Lazy Man Blackjack Winning Strategy, $35k Profit

The Blackjack Secret & Winning at Blackjack

The game of blackjack has been around for centuries. Many casino players would find this game to be very interesting and easy to learn. Therefore, whenever you are in the casino, you would definitely find the blackjack table to be one of the most crowded table of all time.

It can be really exciting seeing casino players making their bets in the blackjack table. The scenario can really be described as an interesting sport game. At every turn of card, new fortune is lost and found. The atmosphere at the blackjack table is truly unique and like non-other tables at the casino.

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How to win consistently from Blackjack?

Have you ever wonder what it takes to win consistently from the game of blackjack? Well, who hasn’t?

Would it be card counting? Or some other magical strategy which the blackjack professionals never care to share with anyone else. Well, some of these strategies are really hard to learn or even understand by normal casino players like you and I.

In this article, we will be showing you some of the laziest but most effective ways to win your game of blackjack. These strategies will suit all types of casino players who never bother to drill down to all the technical part of blackjack. Read on.

Search for the Right Dealer

Whenever you reach the casino, it is always good to find the table which is crowded and having a good game. The crowd will usually stay at the table where the dealer is closing badly. Besides that, you will also get to enjoy the great atmosphere around some of these crowded blackjack tables. The cheers from the crow will create a frenzy which can hype up the game furthermore.

In search for the lazy man blackjack strategy, we actually found out that winning in the game of blackjack is no secret!

Let’s have a deeper look on how the lazy man technique can help you to win with just some basic blackjack gaming technique.

Have a winning mentality

Whenever you are in the casino, you must always be thinking of the outcome of making more money. If you are only thinking of having some fun, most of the occasion you will come out of the casino in defeat mode. By having the winning mentality, you will be using the law of attraction unintentionally. As a result of that, you will be more attracted towards the winning tables and the losing dealers.

Know the Rules of the Game

It is also really important to know the rules of blackjack before you place your bet. There are many newbies that we have come across tried their hand at the game without even knowing the rules. In most occasion, they end up losing badly in their game.

Besides that, it is also really important to know some basic blackjack strategy and some casino manner. By having these knowledges before the start of your bet, you are already better than most of the players at the same table.

Do not bring along your emotions

It is important to not get emotional whenever you are placing your bets in any casino table. Emotions will only negatively affect the outcome of your game. Stay calm, stay positive and carry out your betting strategy according to plan. Follow this rule strictly and you will do better than other casino players at the same table.

Have an Exit Strategy

You can plan everything perfectly but yet someday will just not be your day. What should you do when you are losing 5 streaks or may be $1000 down mid-way into your game? You should stop immediately. For some professional blackjack players, the rule of thumb for blackjack exit strategy has always been 5 losing streak or $1000 down, whichever comes first. When you hit these numbers, it is time to switch table or leave the casino immediately.

Watch the blackjack table

If you are serious about winning, you should always keep an eye for all the blackjack gaming tables. Monitor the one that is becoming popular. The sign of crowd and cheer is a great sign that the player’s chips are getting stacked up. Some lucky players must be having a winning streak of their own at these table. Usually, the dealer would look stressed or happy for the players who are on a winning streak. Anyhow, this type of dealers will be replaced soon afterwards.

Whenever you are faced with such situation, it would be best to squeeze into the crowd and place your bet along with the luckiest players at the table. The winning streak is highly likely to continue and you will be rewarded by just being a participant at the table.

If you are thinking of using this technique, it would be better if you can dump your chips into 2 splits. Let’s say you are having $1000 worth of chips at hand, then you should have spilt them into $500 each. This way if comes a split, you will be able to survive the cash outlay total.

In some cases, some players would be more comfortable with $2000 which makes them easy for cashing out. But there isn’t really any exact figure for this. Therefore, you should just go along with whichever number where you are comfortable with.

By betting in such way, you will at least make a killing of 3 sets of win before the casino change the losing dealer. Whenever the dealer get changed, the table will usually get a fresh pair of cards and the winning streak would eventually stop.


The lazy way to win blackjack has been favorable among many successful blackjack players who do not like to get into the technical part of the game. In one scenario, the player using this technique are able to make 3 days of winnings with $3000 profit in day one alone. By the end of day 3, the player managed to accumulate $35k in total profit. That’s the lazy man secret way of winning at blackjack without getting into advance card counting!


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