Clubsuncity Casino – Incredible Excitements in Classic Slots!

Clubsuncity Casino – Incredible Excitements in Classic Slots!

Remember those old days back in 1990s? When most of the gamblers in Malaysia were so into those virtual racing games by inserting game coins into a giant arcade machine. And this was how illegal gambling dens were operated for several decades in Malaysia.


This kind of classic virtual racing games still can be sourced in some of the mobile slot game products in the local online casino market such like SCR888 Casino. But thanks to ClubSunCity Casino, it has brought this classic racing game to the next level, being upgraded from “King Derby” to “King Derby Pro”.

The new King Derby Pro does not bring better visual effect to the players but also has enhanced its game mode in many ways. ClubSunCity Casino is only in the Malaysian online casino market with this improved product feature. Being one of the hottest mobile slot games in Malaysia, ClubSunCity also offers other popular slot games such as Journey to the West (决战天下), Ocean Kings, Fong Shen, Three Kingdoms, etc. which will be discussed in the next episode.

As the one of the best online casino and sportsbook provider in Malaysia, BigChoySun is the selected approved operator for ClubSunCity Casino. To reward its valued customers, BigChoySun offers a variety of bonus campaign and loyalty rebate scheme while players could enjoy the never-ending gambling excitements all day long! For a new player, the demo account is available to be obtained at https://www.bigchoysun2.com/.

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