Some trips to the casinos are fun and rewarding while some may result in heavy losses. Besides gambling in the casinos, there are many other gambling option such as online betting, sport betting, gambling machines, horse betting, lotteries and more. You may find the complete betting products at BigChoySun. Now let us look at the country that lose the most to gambling activities.


There are no legal casino in Japan, therefore most of the gambling are done in Horse Racing and purchasing lottery ticket. The average loss per adult is $299.


Horse racing, sport betting and casino gambling made up the favorite gambling activity in Cyprus. The average loss per adult is $300.


Through gambling activities such as gambling in casinos and gaming machine, Spaniards racked up $301 losses per adult.


Casinos and other gaming salons where gambler can play bingo or other betting games are popular with Slovenia’s adult population. The average losses per adult is $314.


Despite the extremely strict laws regulating gambling in Luxembourg, the average adult still racked up $331 of losses due to their visit to the casinos and buying national lottery.


Casinos are the main contributor to gambling losses in Malta. The average losses per adult is $337.


Casinos and lotteries are the main gambling activities in Switzerland. The average losses per adult is $340.


Interactive online gaming is famous among people in Denmark. The average loss per adult is $366.


Lottery and online gambling through various platform such as computer, mobile and TV games made up the majority of losses in Sweden. The average loss per adult is $397.


With the average losses per adult of $499, Canadian placed their bet mostly in casinos and gaming machines.


The lottery is the gamble of choice for Norwegians. The average loss per adult is $450.


Britons lost $462 per adult through gambling. Gaming machines, lotteries and online gambling particularly sport betting contribute to these losses.


Italian love to try their luck on gaming machines and lottery. The average losses per adult is $490.

New Zealand

New Zealanders averagely lost about $555 due to gambling in casinos and also non-casino gaming machine.


The most popular way of gambling in Finland is through online gambling. Lotteries and gaming machines are the other popular way of gambling in Finland.


Online gambling with computers, mobile and TVs racked up about $603 of losses per adult in Ireland.


The casinos contribute to the majority of losses in USA. The average losses per adult is $616.


Gambling in the casinos and trying their luck at the lottery contribute to the losses per adult of $1041 in Singapore.


Australian adults ranked the highest in 2015 in terms of gambling losses. The average losses per adult is $1171. Gaming machines known as ‘pokies’ are famous and can be found throughout the land.

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