Dolphin Reef SCR888 | Dolphin Slot | SCR888

Dolphin Reef SCR888 | Dolphin Slot | SCR888

SCR888 Dolphin Reef

The Dolphin Reef from SCR888 is an exciting slot games where casino players will find it interesting to play with. The 5 reels and 20 paylines video slot games is famously designed by Playtech. The Dolphin Reef is a new generation slot game whereby it is available in the newer casino such as the SCR888. However, given the popularity of this slot game, many online casinos are also offering Dolphin Reef due to the high demand among the casino players. The slot game is most suitable for low to mid roller. Betting in the Dolphin Reef slot can go as low as $0.01 per line to as high as $1000 per bet.

The lower range of betting option provided by this slot game may cause some high roller to shy away from it. Most of the high roller would more likely prefer to play with high variance slot such as the ‘Great Blue‘ slot rather than the Dolphin Reef slot game. However, with a maximum betting as high as $1000, some of the high roller might still give Dolphin Reef a run for their money.

The Dolphin Reef revolve around the underwater theme whereby the main character is represented by the ‘Dolphin’. Similar to other Playtech games, the Dolphin Reef is filled with amazing graphic and animated soundtrack. The slot games is very fun to play with and this would provide hours of great entertainment for the casino players. The soothing sound would repeat in the background throughout the session of the game. Casino players can also expect great rewards with this slot game due to the high jackpot that is being offered. Besides that, the slot game is also filled with scatter as well as wild symbols to form winning combinations for the casino players.

Paid and trial version of Dolphin Reef

Casino players may easily test out the slot games because there are many trial version of Dolphin Reef being offered across the net. If the casino players have chosen to play with the paid version instead, the Dolphin Reef slot remain as one of the most rewarding slot game for them. Some casino players would prefer to bet with $1000 per spin for maximum rewards. However, most casino players will choose to bet within $0.01 to $500 and accumulate their rewards slowly and steadily.

Regular symbols

In total casino players may find eleven regular symbol in this slot game. These regular symbols consist of the dolphin, anemone fish, seahorse, starfish, tortoise, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine. All symbols are beautifully crafted with an underwater feel to it. Different from other slot games created by Playtech, the wild symbol in Dolphin Reef will not activate the jackpot. Instead, the casino players with be rewarded with $500 if he manage to get five anemone fish symbols on the reels.

Wild symbol

The Dolphin symbol is the wild symbol in this slot game. However, the Dolphin do will not act as the multiplier in this slot game. The wild symbol will also not substitute for other symbols to form a winning combination when it appear on any of the paylines. However, the wild symbol will serve as a trigger for the free spin feature. Apart from that, the wild symbol will substitute the scatter symbol to add more rewards for the casino players.

Scatter symbol

The Treasure Chest will be the scatter symbol in this game and it may appear anywhere on the reels. Whenever this symbol appear twice or more times, a scatter winning combination will be completed. If the casino players bets $200 and successful get five scatter symbol on the reels, he or she will be rewarded a massive $2000.

Free spin feature

The free spin feature would be the other part of the bonus feature whereby the casino players will be excited to have. This feature is triggered by the wild bonus feature. The casino players will be rewarded with 5 free spin whenever the wild symbol appear on reel 2 and reel 4. Besides that, the free spin round will start with the reel 2 and 4 kept as wild and this would very well mean that the casino players have a great chance of winning big from this feature.


The Dolphin Reef might not be everyones’ cup of tea but the majority of the casino players who have tried this slot game will give it another try whenever they revisit SCR888 casino. With a high reward system in place for the casino players, the Dolphin Reef slot remain as one of the top slot game of all time from SCR888 casino.

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