Highway Kings – The King of Slots

Highway Kings – The King of Slots

Highway Kings, developed by Playtech, is one of the most popular slot games amongst online gamblers in Malaysia. It’s simple and basic game features can easily attract participation despite the fact that there are tons of fantastic slot games with stunning graphic design and animated effects in the gaming market.

As we all know, gamblers fancy slot games as they stand a chance to drive windfall profit if they are lucky enough to strike Mega Progressive Jackpots. As such, Highway Kings also offers “Dollar Ball Game”, some kind of lotto type progressive side game to attract players with lucrative jackpot rewards.

In Malaysia, Highway Kings is highly accepted by the local gamblers especially inside an illegal gambling den (or also know as “Kedai Mesin Judi” in Malay). Amongst all the players, Bumiputera (Malay) and expatriates are top fans for Highway Kings. Given its popularity in the local slot game market, Highway Kings can be found in almost most of the online casino products, i.e. Rollex Casino, SCR888 Casino, LuckyPalace Casino, and Crown Casino. In an illegal gambling den, players usually pay cash to the cashier in return for game credit in order to bet on either live casino games or slot games. However, players are only rewarded with a maximum payout of RM150,000 in the event of striking the Mega Progressive Jackpots which is also the industry norm for Kedai Mesin Judi in Malaysia. This is somewhat a kind of limitation being imposed on a player’s maximum win rate to protect the profitability of casino operators.

Notwithstanding the above, a lot of casino game and slot game lovers still insist to bet in an illegal gambling den even though there is an unfair ceiling on the jackpot payout.  This is mainly due to the cash-deal model in illegal gambling dens which ensure that a player would definitely get his or her winnings within the shortest time possible, just like a real casino, e.g. Genting Highlands Casino. In fact, there are several online casinos in Malaysia also offer cash-deal with fast-deposit-fast-withdrawal service plus 24/7 professional customer service that really serve their customers like a real casino. One of these quality online casinos is BigChoySun, the first ever Online Kedai Mesin Judi in Malaysia. Thousands of players have chosen BigChoySun as their long-term gaming partner due to its casino-like service which makes players feel like betting in Las Vegas or Macao. In addition, its user-friendly system design allows players to register an official member account at https://www.bigchoysun2.com/, which is only a very short process being completed in minutes.

Moreover, the Highway King is available on the 918KISS Casino as well. And they are providing the best environment for the online gambling in the 918KISS Casino.

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