The History of Online Live Casino Dealers

The History of Online Live Casino Dealers

Live gambling dealers has become one of the latest trend for the online casino. Online casino players may now play their favourite casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette and sicbo on their online casino platform. Live dealers for online casino has become a famous game category among many casino players. The well-executed live casino games had minimize the gap between the experience and excitement that casino players get while they place their bet online vs the land casino.

When the online casino started in the early 1990s, a software called the random number generator (RNG) is used to ensure that the outcome generated is unbiased and unpredictable. However, online casino players are unable to see what was happening inside the RNG and could only see the outcome. This had resulted in suspicion in the results generated by the complex software. For the next decade, massive improvement were brought about to the online casino. One of the biggest improvement that brought back confidence to the online casino players is the live casino dealers. However, the online casino experience is still lacking compare to the land casino experience.

What was lacking with the online casino in the past was a live dealer, a flesh and blood figure that actually roll the dice, spin the wheel and deal the cards. Live dealers nowadays would even chat and smile with the players and this was the important factor needed to compete with land casino experience. To bring the best experience to the online players, online casino will videotape and stream the entire process into the online casino live game platform. Whenever the casino players access the dealer games, they can actually see these video images live.

The whole wagering process in the live game platform is simple and straight forward. For example, when the online casino player access the live roulette table, he will be taken to a table with live dealers will announce the game instructions and time to place and stop their wagering. The casino players will then place a wager as he does in land casino. Once it is time to spin the wheel, the software will no longer accept any more bets. The live dealer will then announce the result of the bet. The software will capture the result and perform the payout accordingly. This whole process is repeat again and again within a given time limit for each set of game.


Over the years, the live casino has gained popularity and some online casinos even gone one step further to release some information about their live dealers. These information includes time schedule of when they will be operating. This is done in order for the casino players to have their own favourite dealers and wager when their favourite live dealer is operating the game.

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