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Joker Wong – A Legend in Online Casino Malaysia

Joker Wong – A Legend in Online Casino Malaysia

Who is Joker Wong?

Joker Wong? Who the hell is he? This is what you might be thinking about now.

Indeed, many people do not know him. He’s been maintaining quite a low profile. However, you must learn more this guy if you wanna build your career in the local gambling industry. He’s a key figure that shall not be forgotten in the development of online casino market.

Joker Wong is the founder of one of the most trusted online casino Malaysia – Joker13™. He’s also the boss of quite a number of other online gambling sites in Malaysia. He is said to have owned the most number of online casino companies in Malaysia. Besides, the is also the vice president of Malaysia Online Casino Association, a local professional watchdog that supervises the online casino industry.

Not only that, he’s also friending with some of the legendary characters in the local online casino industry, such as Michael Tan – the founder of MEGA888, Andy Lim – founder of 918KISS, Mohammad Ali Bin Abdullah – treasurer of MOCA, etc. These powerful business partners are the foundation of his successful entrepreneurial achievement today.

He has been fairly active in the local charitable circles as well. Over the past few years, he has made a total unconditional donation of approximately RM13 million to some of the charitable organisation in the country. Just in 2020 alone, Joker Wong has donated more than 5 millions face masks to hospitals and police stations in Klang Valley, to fight against Covid19.

Now, aren’t you curious about this guy? How did he made his way until today? Let’s check it out.

A Gambling Genius Growing Up in Johor

Just like any other Chinese kids out there, Joker Wong grew up in a traditional Chinese family. His dad was a businessman involved in trading building materials, while his mum is actually Vietnamese.

They lived in Skudai, a small city of Johor which is quite adjacent to Singapore. probably about half an hour drive to Woodlands.

While Joker Wong is the only child in the family, he got all the loves from his parents. His parents also care very much about how he grows up. Therefore, he was sent to private school to get the best education in Johor. Of course, his family was considered quite wealthy at that time.

Studying in private school helps Joker to build his network of connection since very young. He got to know all the wealthy kids from super rich families in Southern Malaysia. This would help to shape the foundation of his business in the future days.

With heavy expectations on him, Joker always delivered the best results to his parents. He was the top student in school. He was a rising star. Everyone looked up to him.

Unfortunately, his dad declared bankruptcy during the financial crisis in 1997. Many people got hit bad during the crisis, so does Joker’s family. This is undoubtedly a heavy burden to his family given the fact that education fees ain’t cheap for Joker.

The lucky part is that it was only few months away from Joker’s high school graduation. At least he got to complete his high school education. What he had to worry about was the living of his whole family.

His dad started to gamble at some of the illegal gambling dens downtown, seeking to make some money. Nonetheless, he got addicted and lost even more money. Joker couldn’t take it in anymore. One day, he decided to follow his father to the illegal gambling dens.

It was a single storey terrace house in Skudai. About 20 people was gathering inside to play Baccarat. Joker observed and picked up the game rules immediately. It was just too easy for him. It’s all about Mathematics.

With only RM10 in his pocket, Joker decided to place his bet. He kept winning against the banker. Guess what? He won about RM10,000 at the end of the day. His father was in huge shock.

After that, Joker Wong would visit the illegal gambling dens everyday after school. Few months later, the illegal gambling dens shut its business as they had run out of capital by compensating Joker.

Since then, gambling has become a part time job of Joker. This is how he make money to support his family’s living, as well as his tuition fees for university.

Joker Wong – One of the Most Successful Young Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

After having graduated from university, Joker didn’t go to get a job right away. He didn’t want to work for anybody. He wanted to do something that he’s interested.

What he’s been good at? Gambling. Yes, that’s right, he wanted to build a gambling empire. But how did he start? From this connection.

Through one of high school friends who’s from a wealthy family background, Joker got to meet up with Michael Tan – the founder of MEGA888, and also Andy Lim – the founder of 918KISS. Of course, they were just a bunch of young guys back then. They hang out together quite often.

More importantly, they had the same ambitions towards building great gambling empires. They knew online casino Malaysia is the future. Everyone would be gambling online in the future. That’s when Joker got to learn all information related to online gambling.

With a startup capital of RM1million that he has accumulated through winning from illegal gambling dens, he founded his first online gambling site in 2013 – Joker13™.

In Joker13™, a player can basically play any form of online gambling game he wants. Be it live table casino games, mobile slot games, online sport betting, lottery betting, etc. It’s an one-stop kind of online gambling platform.

It wasn’t too good for the first few months. But, it got better and better eventually, just because Joker Wong holds one principle strictly – always compensate players when they win big. It’s not easy to do that since a lot of companies do not pay their customers.

In the next year, Joker13 had become the most trusted online gambling site in Malaysia. Joker Wong had also become the youngest entrepreneur who own the largest online gambling site in Malaysia. In 2014, he was picked as the Most Successful Young Entrepreneur 2014 by the Malaysia Online Casino Association (MOCA).

It was very rare to see such a young person to achieve such milestones at young age. As such, Joker Wong became the cover of many entrepreneurial magazines at that time.

A Philanthropic Businessman Who Never Forget to Contribute

In the past few years, Joker continued to expand its online gambling empire with more online gambling sites not only in Malaysia, but also Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, etc. He is now a key person in the industry.

Despite all his wealth and fame that he has built over the years, Joker never forgets to contribute to the industry. He’s one of the co-founders of MOCA, a professional watchdog that supervises the development of online casino industry in Malaysia. They helps to balance the interests between both online casino companies and players.

Besides, he has also donated a lot of money to the local online gambling community to help people. He even helps people to quit gambling by setting up a group of professional consultants who are willing to listen.

He’s been doing all these without taking any salary. Indeed, he’s an important figure in the industry who deserves much respects.

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