MEGA888 Guru – Joseph Phua, Who Beat MEGA888 Malaysia

MEGA888 Guru – Joseph Phua, Who Beat MEGA888 Malaysia

The One and Only MEGA888 Guru in Malaysia

MEGA888 Guru – Joseph Phua, is the one and only professional online gambler who beat MEGA888 Malaysia. He is the legend. Today, we’re gonna share with you all the untold story of Joseph Phua.

First question, why have we not heard about him thus far? Well, he’s been keeping really low profile to stay out of sights. Only insiders or experienced professional gamblers know about the existence of Joseph Phua.

There was once he took place in the Online Gambling Talent Contest in 2013 and won the first place. He’s been blacklisted by the Genting Highlands from entering any casino in Malaysia. Not because he is a scammer, but he’s just too skilful and won too much money from Genting Highlands.

Some people said Joseph Phua lives a luxurious life in the state of Pahang, under the protection by the state government. Some said he has already migrated to Melbourne few years ago.

Today, we’re gonna reveal all the secrets about him.

A Talented Boy in Online Gambling Since Young

Joseph Phua was born in Skudai, a small town located in Johor Bahru, on 22 April 1986. His father was an owner of a small grocery shop. Being the only son in the family, Joseph helps his father at grocery shop after school on a daily basis. He was an obedient boy.

When he was at the age of 12, his extraordinary gambling skill was first discovered by his father during one of the Chinese New Year celebrations, when all of them were playing Blackjack. At the beginning, Joseph’s father just thought of letting him trying out the casino game since he’s mature enough. Being a first-time player in the casino game, Joseph won 9 out of 10 games. That was pretty amazing!

Joseph’s father didn’t believe it at first. He thought it was just luck. After family reunion dinner on Chinese New Year eve, all family members was gathering around to play casino game again. It was Baccarat this time. Guess what, Joseph became the winner of night with RM10,000 winnings! Joseph’s father then knew his boy is a talented one.

Since then, Joseph’s father always brought Joseph to visit many of the underground casinos in Johor Bahru. They really made a lot of money, enough to send Joseph to study Information Technology (IT) in United State of America. Through all these years, Joseph has picked up many gambling tactics through online, friends, opponents, or even professional gamblers at Genting Highlands. He observed and studied all the moves from others.

A Genius Coder in University

Although studying IT in US, Joseph still maintains a very close connection with all his friends in Malaysia. At the time when he was studying overseas, online gambling has become more and more popular in Malaysia. Many people was gambling online at that time.

Given the fact that IT infrastructure was still pretty weak during the earlier development of online gambling industry in Malaysia, there were loopholes where hackers can actually hack into online casino games.

Many friends of Joseph asked if he can help them to break the code. Joseph accepted the task to take up the challenge. Within a month’s time, he managed to hack 12Win (the largest online casino brand in Malaysia at that time) and make a total profits of RM3.5 million in 6 months time! This was how Joseph made his reputation even before returning back to his home country.

12Win was aware of the guy who was able to hack their online casino games. As such, the company spent a lot of money to hire a large team of cybersecurity expert to improve their firewall. Nonetheless, no one could stop Joseph from hacking the game. This was also how 12Win eventually close down its business as it has to face with heavy compensation that is being paid to Joseph. This was the first time Joseph beat down an online casino company!

Returning to Malaysian and Become an Online Gambler

After graduating from University with flying colour result, Joseph received an offer to work in Facebook Inc. as a Junior PHP Developer. He made a very important decision that could be the largest game-changer in his life. He turned down the offer that every IT fresh graduate could dream of – working in one of the largest IT companies in Silicon Valley. He’ve decided to make a comeback to Malaysia.

Having recognised the growth of online casino platform in Malaysia, Joseph thought it was the right time to focus on this industry. He doesn’t want to be a 9-5 worker. He wants to make handsome money, to make history. He wants every Malaysian to know who Joseph Phua is.

The first thing he wanted to do was to take down online casino companies by winning big money from them. His first target was SCR888 – the largest online slot game brand in Malaysia at that time. Joseph spent about 3 months to study every single slot game offered by SCR888. Then he made a god-like plan and start attacking SCR888. No surprise, SCR888 was taken down in the next 2 years.

Guess how much Joseph made from the war with SCR888? A whopping RM10 million! Despite all the wealth that Joseph generated from hacking SCR888, it didn’t put him into comfort zone. Joseph wanted to do something bigger.

The next largest online casino game brand that replaced SCR888 was 918KISS. This was Joseph’s new target. What could be more challenging was the fact that 918KISS was 10 times larger than SCR888, and it had a gigantic team of IT experts who build a very strong and solid firewall to stop any hacker from hacking their slot games.

Joseph spent about 20 weeks to study 918KISS, and just like the previous ones, he once again took down 918KISS in November of 2020. This denies the street rumours which says that 918KISS was closed due to government intervention or Covid19 invasion. It was actually taken down by Joseph Phua.

Joseph Phua made about RM320 million from taking down 918KISS, and then become the one of the top 10 richest men in the underground world in Malaysia. People who are amongst the list include Michael Tan (the founder of MEGA888), Andy Lim ( the founder of 918KISS), etc.

MEGA888 Guru – A New Chapter in Life

Joseph was pretty contented with what he had. At the end of 2020, another online casino brand came into the spotlight – MEGA888. Today, MEGA888 is the most played online casino brand in Malaysia. It was even selected by the Malaysia Online Casino Association (MOCA) as the best mobile slot game in 2020.

Joseph thinks differently now, he doesn’t want to hack the slot game brand and take it down anymore. This time, he wants to make a change. He wants to educate other players. He started market himself as “MEGA888 Guru”, the first and the only in Malaysia.

Joseph started to organise a number of online campaign through Zoom meeting, given the fact that he can’t meet people face-to-face due to Covid19. Many players signed up for his course. He starts teaching people how to hack MEGA888 on both Android APK version and also iOS version.

Given Joseph’s accurate online betting strategies to beat the banker, he has gained thousands of followers immediately. He now has the power to instruct a troop of hackers to attack MEGA888 anytime he wants. Since then, all his followers have been making lucrative profits deploying his online betting strategy.

If you’re paying close attention to MEGA888’s movement, you might realise the fact that its iOS version has been unavailable recently. It’s actually the result of MEGA888’s iOS version getting hacked by Joseph’s followers until they close down the game version. It’s now under maintenance until further notice. The cybersecurity team of MEGA888 is now attempting to perfect its iOS version to prevent Joseph’s followers from hacking the slot game.

As of today, the war with MEGA888 is still on. If you want to gain some long-term online gambling profits with the MEGA888 Guru – Joseph Phua, just try to google his name and follow his tips. He won’t believe what you’ve gotten yourself into!

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