Did you know about the MEGA888? It is one of the Online Casinos in Malaysia. Some more, it is the latest online gambling site as well as the most famous today. They have a great return from the casino players, since they are found in the early year of 2018. And now, they are continuously gaining the number of the casino players. This Casino is growing rapidly; however, it is due to replacement issue. When the 918KISS Casino is taken down from the list and the MEGA888 Casino is an all-new Online Casino of the 918KISS Casino. And it replaces the position of the ranking that 918KISS previously is.

Besides that, the MEGA888 Casino is creating the similar platform with the 918KISS does. It can be said, MEGA888 equal to the 918KISS. That’s nothing much different between both of them. However, their theme and the logo had changed. So, the casino player can distinguish them easily.

As well as the Casino needs the casino players to download the casino app for the gambling online. Hence, the Casino is building the Android APK and the iOS file for the installation. Although the Casino does to most of the devices for the installation, they don’t include the PC Download.

MEGA888 Download

In the MEGA888 Casino, they are providing the free download of their casino app. So, the players don’t have to spend any costs to buy and download the app. This is good, right? Yes, it is. Moreover, they don’t need any information before downloading the app. It did unlike the Play Store and the App Store. By a single click on the button, it downloads the casino app onto the device straightly.

To download the casino app, the player may need to visit download sites for the free download. In case of peak traffic, the Casino creates 2 download links for the players. On the Pages, you can find the MEGA888 APK and the MEGA888 iOS. Both of them are installing into the different kinds of the smartphone.

  • The Android APK, it is supporting all kinds of the Android device.
  • The iOS, it is available for all iPhone and iPad.

For the special tips, if the casino players want to play the MEGA888 Casino Games on the PC. The players have to download an emulator tool on the PC. And then, download the Android APK file and move into that emulator tool for the installation. Once complete the task, and then it is allowing to start playing the casino games on the PC.

Why need the registration?

Not only for the MEGA888 Casino. Other than that Casino, all of the gamblers have to register as a member before gambling. The registration is to grab an account of the Casino, so it can save the game credits in the account for the gambling. Since it is an online gambling platform, it needs the account to secure the game and the credits. There are none of the people willing to let other players to play the game with the own account, right? And then get a free registration here.

Casino Games in the 918KISS

In the MEGA888 Casino, they are including a lot of the casino games on the list. With the estimation, they are having about 130 casino games in an application. Register with the Casino, the players can use a single account and play all of their casino games. The Casino is including the Online Slot Games, Casino Table Games, and the Video Arcade Games. Those are the best casino games in Malaysia.

  • Online Slot Games. The slot game is occupying the most of the number on the list. And that’s about 80 slot games. Besides, most of them are the popular one. For example, they including the Great Blue Slot, Highway King Slot, Dolphin Reef Slot, Cherry Love Slot, Bonus Bear Slot, and more.
  • Casino Table Games. The table game is the traditional casino games. In each of the casino studio, the Casinos are including those table games as well. For example, they have the Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, and others.
  • Video Arcade Games. The arcade game is the most interesting casino games in the Casino. The player just have to pick the symbols and make the prediction that one of them would appear in the round. Then you are going to win the award. They have the Wukong, Monkey Thunderbolt, Ocean King, and more.

Are you the Casino agent?

For the Casino agent, the Casino is developing another login page. However, there are getting more people become the casino agent. So, the Casino develops quite a lot of the MEGA888 kiosk login pages. And the agent can pick one of them to log in. Sometimes, there are some of the technical issues and make the agent couldn’t log into the system. By the way, you are welcome to contact the LiveChat Team for the login link.

Nevertheless, if you wish to become the Casino agent, you are welcome to make a contact with the LiveChat Team as well. They give the further assistance.

Good luck with the MEGA888 Casino!

The MEGA888 is the most popular casino nowadays. There are getting more and more people who join the Casino for the best online gambling. However, that’s the reason that people come for the MEGA888 Casino but not others. Because the Casino is promoting the highest winning chance among all of the Online Casinos. So, that’s easier to win the casino games with this Casino. The MEGA888 Casino would never disappoint you forever!