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Online Casino Games: Top 3 in Malaysia (2021)

Online Casino Games: Top 3 in Malaysia (2021)

Online Casino Games Are Competing Fiercely

It would be conservative to say there are more than 100 online casino games in Malaysia. Could be thousands? Who knows? As a long-time online casino player in Malaysia, I’m seeing new slot games for advertisement almost every single day. Be it on Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.

Today, it’s very common to gamble online. Given the fact that gambling is generally a highly regulated activity in Malaysia, online gambling has become very much in demand as people can’t easy gamble anywhere they want like other country does. This is why the number of online casino brand has proliferated in the recent years.

Therefore, much of the budgets have been spent on advertising, especially Facebook. It’s estimated that advertising fees for online casino related products stood at a whopping RM1.6billion in the year of 2020 alone. Of course, gambling-related ads will get banned by Facebook from time to time, as Facebook needs to adhere to the country’s policies and regulations as well.

In order to maintain its competitive edge, an online casino game must maintain at least few of the following:

  • a high number of slot game available for selection
  • superb graphic design to catch players’ eyeballs
  • reasonably high winning payout
  • attractive progressive jackpot
  • great in branding

According to Malaysia Online Casino Association (MOCA), approximately another 259 online casino games will be introduced in 2021 alone, in Malaysia. With only around 30million population in Malaysia, we expect many of the new online casino games will be eliminated in no time. Only the strongest could survive. Let’s look at some of the stronger ones which we think that would possibly become the top online casino games in 2021.

MEGA888 – Certainly the No.1 Online Casino Games in 2021

No doubt, MEGA888 is currently the most played mobile slot games in Malaysia, following the termination of 918KISS in 2020. Nonetheless, can it still retain its top ranking in the year ahead? The answer is a certain YES. Why would we say so?

Firstly, let’s study on the reason why 918KISS disappear. From our understanding after talking to some of the industry experts like Michael Tan and Joker Wong, 918KISS is said to be beaten by the global pandemic – Covid19. It’s hard to believe, but that’s the truth. About 45 employees from 918KISS headquarter have been diagnosed covid positive in September 2020. They got no choice but to call a stop on their operation.

Given the sudden stop on business, 918KISS was facing severe financial difficulty. At last, the founder of 918KISS – Andy Lim finally made a game changer decision – to shut down 918KISS. This decision has completely changed the fate of MEGA888 upside down.

Unlike the previous cases, 918KISS is not gonna come back anymore. Unless, Andy Lim can secure a solid bank borrowings or any sort of funds to continue the business. The chances are low. Moreover, Michael Tan – the founder of MEGA888, has admitted that Andy Lim does have some stakes in MEGA888. He is still making profits without 918KISS. Hence, we think 918KISS might be gone just forever.

Now, let’s take a closer look at MEGA888. Why is it so attractive. Well, it’s developed by the same team of game developers from 918KISS. They actually share many traits in common, especially winning payout. Just think about why was 918KISS so successful in the last few years. People can easily win money from its slot games isn’t it? The same is happening in MEGA888.

With the current game volume, MEGA888 is paying an average of RM21.4 million on a daily basis. Wow! That’s hell a lot of money!

The local economy is having a hard time arising from the global pandemic. Therefore, we forecast the number of active players in online casino games will rise significantly in 2021. People would like to win money, not just for entertainment, but for their living. MEGA888 could be the place where they can make a living.

PUSSY888 – A Slot Game Brand With the Best Design

In our opinion, PUSSY888 has been selected as the No.2 online casino games in Malaysia, in the year of 2021. Why? It doesn’t has super high winning payout like MEGA888 does. It has not been in the market for long enough to establish a very strong reputation. The answer is its game graphic design.

PUSSY888 is said to have the best game graphic design amongst other competitors. This is further recognised by its receipt of award from Malaysia Online Casino Association (MOCA) – The Best Game Graphic Design Slot Game in Malaysia 2020. This is indeed a high honour which has confirmed PUSSY888’s strong efforts in the field of game design.

Its high quality game graphic design can be largely explained. The company who developed PUSSY888 – Puss in the Boots Sdn Bhd, was a branding house before they started developing the slot game. They was famous in the local branding design industry, of which their past clients include Axiata, Maxis, Astro Malaysia, and many other prominent clients. They are so great in the field of branding, which contributed to the later success in PUSSY888.

Unlike other online slot game brand in Malaysia, most of them come from a background of Information Technology (IT). Therefore, they are not that sensitive enough to discover the slight different in game design which might possibly make a huge difference in appearance. This is one of the reasons why PUSSY888’s game graphic design is so much different from the other.

Besides, PUSSY888 has also engaged few strong digital marketing teams in promoting its slot game product on Facebook and Google. This is an important act to build a strong foundation for any brand in the world – to deliver an interesting brand story that will leave an impressive mark. Combining endless efforts in digital marketing with unquestionable capability in the field of branding, PUSSY888 truly deserves the recognition.

XE88 – The Most Number of Slot Game Available for Selection

XE88 is famous for its well development in the field of mobile slot games. As of now, there are more than 500 mobile slot games for selection in XE88. It is said to have the most number of slot game availability in Malaysia. As such, many players love to play this product as they will never get bored.

How did XE88 did that? In fact, XE88 started with only 50 slot games in 2018. Having recognised the importance of offering more choices to its players, XE88 had in 2019 acquired a mobile slot game development company in Shanghai to accelerate its speed in coding new slot game. As a result, XE88 managed to produce 200 slot games in 2019, and another 300 slot games in 2020.

Its success in the area of game development speed has surprised everyone in the market. Since then, more and more online casino players start playing XE88 slot games given its variety of choices. We believe the number will keep growing, which will make it the No.3 online casino games in Malaysia in 2021,

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