Online Casino vs Land Casino

Online Casino vs Land Casino

Online Casino vs Land Casino

A revolution was brought to the casino industry when the online casino games is introduced to the world. The online casino allow more possibility for people to save time, money and many inconveniences. Online casino and land casino do provide different appeal that could affect a players’ game from many aspects. Therefore, direct comparison between them is almost impossible. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages between the online casino and land casino.

The Surroundings of Online Casino and Land Casino

When it comes to the most important aspect of a land casino, the surroundings score top as one of the most important factor. Every cheer of excitement would provide a fun, excitement and motivation to the casino players. However, it could be a disadvantage as well because this could be a very big distraction for casino players who is trying to focus on his game. In land casino, the competition is not only against the dealers and other players, but also the casino crowd who are watching your every move. The online casino on the other hand are free from all these distraction and pressure, but the atmosphere who be less compelling

Time of travelling

Travelling to the land casino could be a hassle for casino players. Depending on where you are located, travelling to the land casino alone could take up several hours. However, the online casino would not have this issue as casino players can play their favorite casino games wherever and whenever at their own preference and convenience.


All land casino would require casino players to buy chips with real money while the online casino only require the transfer of funds into the players account. With online casino, players would know exactly how much money they have all the time. On the other hand, using chips for betting would only allow players to have a rough figure on how much he has. Both method would provide a different emotion for the casino players and this would also affect how much is he prepare to risk on his next wager.

The different in games

The games in the online casino and land casino is basically the same. However, the different way of playing the game has a big effect on the players bet. For example, casino players would click the spin button in an online roulette game while the land casino provide the real excitement of a real dealer spinning the real roulette ball around the roulette wheel. Hence, in order to minimize this gap, online casino had introduced the live dealer playing live casino games for online casino players who seek the excitement of playing live casino games.

Security and privacy concern

When money is involve, the major concern for all casino players would be his own security and privacy. The online casino has the latest state of art encryption technologies to protect the casino player’s privacy. On top of that, the security proofed software are able to protect all casino players because they are the most valuable asset for the online casino. The land casino on the other hand, casino players have to give up their privacy because they are out in the open. Other casino players are able to see who they are and how much chips they have on their hands.


Both Online Casino and Land Casino have their advantages and disadvantages. Casino players should choose the one that suit their preference the best way possible. Both casinos provide different atmosphere and feeling for casino players when they place their winning bets. If you have not tried and are still seeking the thrill for betting in an online casino, seek no further. Visit 918KISS Casino now for the best online casino promotion and easy to use platform. Just follow the simple registration guide to sign up for your account and you are ready to go.

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