Play the Best Online Slot Games in Malaysia

Play the Best Online Slot Games in Malaysia

Play Online Slot Games, Choose the Best

We have not talked about the Malaysian online slot games in the previous posts, yet we can’t ignore its importance given growing product demand in the local market. Under conservative estimation, there are at least more than 150 online slot game products prevailing in the Malaysian online gambling market. People might get confused when facing with decision-making process given the high variety of slot game products. This is just like the situation where a lady is choosing which high heels to buy. I always suggest someone to do enough researches before choosing which slot games to play. There is no point for playing inferior slot game products since the winning payout is relatively lower, while you would not enjoy as much as playing with a quality one. If you were a new beginner in the online slot game market in Malaysia, just spend some time to finish reading until the end of this post, then choose the best online slot games to play and win big.

What Makes a Good Online Slot Game Product?

There are always different perceptions towards a slot game product between the game developers and casino players. I believe one could be super successful if he manage to close this gap between the two. Game developers might think some of the game features that they have spent days on designing it look great and attractive, yet casino players might think another way round . This could be the reason why some of the online slot game product fails to gain market share. With years of personal experience in the Malaysian online casino industry, I usually evaluate an online betting product based on several factors, and most of these are coming from the perspective of a casino player:

Comfortable Interface and Game Graphic Design

The outlook of a slot game product usually creates the first impression when casino players first lay their eyes on it. The rule of thumb (not only in the online casino industry, but for many other industries as well) is: people always go for beautiful objects. Therefore, if the slot game product has a not necessarily fancy layout design, but comfortable user interface, this would probably increase the chances of interaction between players and the product. Awesome graphic design attracts players’ eyeballs, which is also a good beginning point to start with.

Simple Slot Game Layout Structure

I personally do not prefer complex slot game layout structure that probably costs me hours to study even before starting to play. Nowadays, simple is better. Take a look at the Apple’s latest website design, isn’t it simple and clear that makes you feel comfortable? Most of the web designers as well as game developers are heading towards simple and clean concept, so does a slot game product. People prefer “Straight to the Point” than “Looking Professional” slot game layout structure, as it is easier to interact with while players can enjoy the game during the whole betting process.

Winning Payout Policy

Another critical factor, which I would say it is the most important of all, is the winning payout policy of a slot game product. Why are we playing online slot games? Is it because we would like to make a cash donation to the online betting site? Absolutely not! Everyone wishes to win big from online slot games, this is why we are all involved in this post. A slot game product with higher winning payout policy will definitely attract a bunch of players to get into play. Couple of years ago, progressive jackpots are regarded as an additional bonus to the players. But today, progressive jackpots are the basic features that each slot game product should have in their reward feature. Just think about it, why should I play a slot game product with plain vanilla reward feature, when another slot game product is offering millions ringgit progressive jackpots to the luckiest player?

Some of the Best Online Slot Game Products in Malaysia

918KISS Slot Games

The 918KISS Casino is the latest Online Casino in South East Asia. As well as, they are taking the casino games from other Online Casinos like the Playtech Casino, Micro Gaming Casino, and other Online Casinos. Here, it is meaning that 918KISS is a third-party Online Casino. However, they are having the most number of the fans who enjoy their casino games. As they are providing the highest winning ratio as compared to other Online Casinos in the SEA.

Besides that, the 918KISS Casino is a download-based Online Casino. It is allowing you to download and install onto the Android device and the iOS device. Due to the Casino merely release the 918KISS APK and 918KISS iOS so far. And merely supported the mobile device gambling. Maybe in the future, you can experience the 918KISS Casino gameplay via the PC. Stay tuned.

SCR888 Slot Games

Many of the players are highly familiar with SCR888 slot games, as it is currently the hottest online mobile slot games in Malaysia. SCR888 is available on both desktop and Android smartphones, giving casino players great flexibility to play at home. Game design is simple and precise, with one of the highest winning payout policy in the local slot game industry. There are couple of reasons why SCR888 slot games are so popular in Malaysia that completely meet the criteria that we have mentioned in the section above. It is really not easy for SCR888 to make such a great presence in the Malaysian online casino market since market competition is getting more and more intense nowadays. I would say SCR888 is the last online slot games you ever want to miss in your life.

SKY3888 Slot Games

Not only the brand name, SKY3888 shares a lot of similarities with SCR888 in many ways. The largest difference between the two is that SKY3888 is legally licensed to carry out online gaming business in Malaysia without gambling elements inside its product. However, as you can see, things have gone the other way round. Despite the fact that SKY3888 will not ever incorporate live casino games into its product (for compliance with the online gambling license), its slot games have already made a game-changing event in the Malaysian online betting industry. I would say approximately 90% of SKY3888’s slot games is close to that of the SCR888. Nevertheless, both companies are deploying different business strategies to market their slot game products respectively, while SKY3888 is using conventional multi-level marketing model to promote its slot game product.

12Win Slot Games

12Win Casino is considered the most successful Playtech’s online gaming products in Malaysia, while others include Rollex Casino, NewTown Casino, LuckyPalace Casino, and Crown Casino. As the largest online slot game supplier in the world, Playtech has invested a significant amount of capital into developing its slot game products, also combining some of the most famous heroic characters into its slot game design by purchasing patents from Marvels. 12Win slot games have large market exposure locally, whilst it has created signficant brand awareness amongst the Malaysian online betting communities. I foresee that Playtech’s slot games will continue to maintain its footprint in Malaysia over the next few years, via the strong market presense of 12Win Casino.

Clubsuncity Slot Games

Developed by the Taiwanese IGS online gaming company, Clubsuncity slot games represent a unique gaming product with exclusive offerings of certain online slot games in Malaysia. These special slot games are developed by IGS by its own, and no one else would have the identity slot game design, except its another two white-labeled partners, namely GreatWall99 and PlayBoy888. IGS has long been monopolising the arcade betting machine industry, given the strong success of its “Journey to the West” series in Malaysia. With only less than 40 slot games available in Clubsuncity, it has still managed to stand strong against other slot game products in the market, supported by a loyal group of slot games fans that love to play its slot games.

3Win8 Slot Games

3Win8 is the latest online slot game product in Malaysia, which was recently launched in the month of April 2016. Having conducted a quick game review on this product, I realise that 3Win8’s slot game mix can be viewed as a mixture of some of the popular slot game products in the market, such as SCR888, 12Win, as well as Clubsuncity. On top of that, 3Win8 has also incorporated some of the most played online betting games at illegal gambling dens, to further enhanced the game variety of its slot game product. Despite having a much smaller market exposure due to weaker market presence, I believe 3Win8 will slowly gain interests from casino players given its distinct market positioning in the Malaysian online casino industry.

Some Words from the Editor: I sincerely hope that the above would help you to understand better about some of the best online slot games in Malaysia, to improve your personal decision-making process during the selection of slot games. No matter how, our ultimate purpose is to win more and more money from betting online slot games, am I right? For new slot game players, I would strongly recommend you to read more posts about the related news in the Malaysian online casino industry, at the same time, getting more information from some of the reliable Malaysia’s online casino review sites to supplement your knowledge towards online betting sites. Cheers!


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