The Best Online Betting Product in Malaysia – SCR888 Online Casino Malaysia

The 918KISS/ SCR888 Casino is among the top brands for online casino slot games in Malaysia. It is also the top game that is offered by BigChoySun. Not only you will get more games than the standard casino outlet, its slot game also provides better odds and bigger progressive jackpot as well. Each slot game is interesting and uniquely designed. The user will get a new betting experience by betting on SCR888’s mobile platform.

918KISS/ SCR888 Casino on Mobile

To all 918KISS/ SCR888 fans, we have a great news for you!! Forget about the hassles of visiting a local casino outlet or playing 918KISS/ SCR888 on your laptop. There is a better option for you right now. For some of you who prefer to play casino slot games online, you are able to do it on your iPhone! Earning money on the go have never been easier.

To download SCR888 on mobile, just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Open the SAFARI app from your iPhone

Step2: Select the IOS version

Step3: A pop-up screen will appear. Select Install

Step4: After installing, the SCR888 app will appear on the screen.

Step5: Click on the SCR888 app, another pop-up screen will appear. It will request for approval to use the app on your iPhone. Select Cancel.

Step6: In order to use the SCR888 app, we need to change the setting. Open the SETTING app on iPhone.

Step7: Select General

Step8: Click on Device Management.

Step9: You will see ‘All Continental Trading Sdn Bhd‘. Select it

Step10: Click on Trust “All Continental Trading Sdn Bhd’.

Step11: Another pop-up screen will appear. Select ‘Trust‘.


Congratulation! You have successfully downloaded SCR888 IOS version into your iPhone. Let’s try out and win big in 2016. Good Luck!!

6 thoughts on “Play SCR888 (918KISS) IOS on iPhone!

  1. Hi, I’m having trouble download SCR888 slot games on my iPhone. Is there any user guide on this? Really appreciate if you can help me on this.

    1. May I know what’re the problems you’re facing when downloading SCR888 slot games? There are two possible scenarios that I can think of:
      1. You may have used inappropriate download link. You may visit to download for SCR888 games as this is by far the most secured and reliable download source.
      2. You have followed the wrong steps to download. Please refer to this post to find out how to download SCR888 slot games:

  2. I was a fans of SKY3888 until I failed to claim my winning payout recently. Never try this SCR888 before but I would like to play now. Since download guide has been given in this post, can someone share with me how to make deposits and get SCR888 games credit?
    p/s: sorry, i’m a newbie to online betting….

    1. Hi Andy, it’s never too late to learn :p I believe SKY3888 is a reputable online betting site that would not allow this kind of things to happen. Must be some kind of misunderstanding. Anyhow, to play SCR888, you may make deposits with some of the online SCR888 agent in the market, such as BigChoySun. BigChoySun is the approved online agent for SCR888 Malaysia for quite some time, and is considered highly reliable betting site. Once you register a SCR888 account with them, you can then make your cash deposit in return for SCR888 game credit. Good luck to you pal!

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