Play SCR888 or SKY3888, That’s the Question

Play SCR888 or SKY3888, That’s the Question

The Background of SCR888 Malaysia

SCR888 Malaysia has long existed in the Malaysian online casino industry for a long period of time, in the form of kiosk-based betting platform in desktop version. Over the years, the local gamblers are very much into SCR888 slot games, one of the main reasons is that some black market agents are selling hacking software that can break SCR888 Casino games which allows players to make some fast cash from it. Therefore, SCR888/ 918KISS Casino has rapidly become one of the most played online slot games in Malaysia.

SCR888 Malaysia offers a variety of online slot games in its game menu, with attractive Mega Progressive Jackpots awaiting you to win!

In Malaysia, the mobile casino market is growing at a rapid pace in the recent years. Thousands of online casino players have switched from desktop-based to mobile-based given great convenience and flexibility of the latter. In 2015, the SCR888 Malaysia (headquartered in Penang) has officially launched its mobile slot game platform – The SCR888 Mobile. Initially, SCR888 Mobile was only available for play in Android smartphones, as the development cost to launch a Android game application is much less costly than IOS version.

Nevertheless, more and more slot game developers in the market have started to venture into IOS-based game applications, such as Clubsuncity Casino Malaysia and SKY3888. This has forced SCR888 Malaysia to develop the SCR888 Mobile IOS (which has been officially launched since the beginning of 2016) in order to maintain its competitiveness against others.

The Strongest Competitor of SCR888 Malaysia – SKY3888 Malaysia

SKY3888 Malaysia made its first debut in the local online gambling territory in the beginning of 2015, approximately six months earlier than the official launch of SCR888 Mobile. Today, SKY3888 is the top online slot game provider in Malaysia. People might be wondering: How does SKY3888 grab market shares within such a short timeframe? SKY3888 Malaysia was launched at the time when illegal gambling dens in Malaysia were facing one of the toughest operational situation in history. There was a written order from the Government of Malaysia to close down all illegal gambling dens throughout the entire Malaysia. Can you imagine without illegal gambling dens, where would all the local casino players gamble? Millions of players have lost their daily entertainment hubs, and were constantly seeking for any alternatives to bet online.

SKY3888 is one of the most popular online slot games in Malaysia that is available on Desktop and Mobile

The appearance of SKY3888 has then solved the problems immediately. SKY3888 was introduced to the market in the form of “Top-up”, whereby players are allowed to purchase casino prepaid cards from SKY3888 agents with cash, then reload through its online platform in order to play slot games. With the availability of SKY3888 top-up cards, one can now play with online casino even without having internet banking facilities. Those who are not able to gamble in illegal gambling dens then switched to play at SKY3888 during that period. This is how SKY3888 Malaysia built up its online casino branding in the first place.

How to Choose Between SCR888 and SKY3888?

My ultimate purpose is to win big from online casino games, I believe the same applies to you. Somehow, SCR888 and SKY3888 share quite a lot of similarities in terms of game design as well as platform structure. They are considered the closest competitors to each other. For one to choose between the two, he might need to consider the following factors:

1. Winning Payout: Easy to Win?

Everyone hopes to win from online slot games. With bet amount as small as RM0.20, and win up to millions ringgit of cash if you strike the Progressive Jackpots, who wouldn’t want this? Based on statistical analysis, SCR888 Malaysia tends to offer higher winning odds to players than SKY3888 Malaysia. This could be attributed to the fact that SCR888 is expanding, so it might be loosing up its payout policy to distribute more winning payouts. From my personal betting experience with SCR888, really, I get a lot more free bonus games than playing with SKY3888.

Round 1: SCR888 Malaysia Wins

2. Professional Slot Game Design

It’s very critical if all the slot games are well-designed in modernised graphics, organised structure, as well as comfortable layout and sizes. Just imagine could you play longer, maybe for hours, if all the game graphics are blurry and outdated. In terms of game design, I got to say that SKY3888 Malaysia has one of the best slot game design in the market. Simple, colourful, yet elegant feel, It’s just nice to enjoy the visual appearance of slot games in SKY3888.

Round 2: SKY3888 Wins

3. The Frequency of Free Slot Game Bonus

As mentioned above, SCR888 Malaysia adopts a looser winning payout policy which tends to pay more to its players. In terms of free bonus games or free spins, SCR888 Malaysia offers at least 30% more to its players than SKY3888 Malaysia. For one to play either SCR888 or SKY3888, he needs to engage with authorised casino agent in Malaysia. BigChoySun is the approved casino agent for SCR888 Malaysia, which also offers a large mix of free online casino bonus, such as Deposit-RM30-Get-RM80, 344% Starter Pack, 28% Daily Deposit Bonus, etc. This would help SCR888 players to increase the chances of winning with more wagers to bet.

Round 3: SCR888 Wins

If I Want to Play SCR888, How to Download?

Some online casino website might charge you for downloading SCR888 Malaysia slot games, although at a very minimal cost. There is a free SCR888 download site set up by SCR888 Malaysia. You may just visit this SCR888 official website to download for its slot games. At the same time, you may get a free SCR888 game ID at BigChoySun. Do not forget to claim your SCR888 game bonus!

Still searching for the best online casino platform to play SCR888? Do visit Ministry of Gambling for accurate and reliable casino rating throughout Malaysia. Winning big casino rewards would be much easier when you deal with a helpful and trustworthy online casino. Happy betting!




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