Poker: Top 5 Mistakes Causing You to Lose Money

Poker: Top 5 Mistakes Causing You to Lose Money

Poker is one of the oldest casino games that is favored by many casino players. Many poker players play the game for the fun and excitement from the game. If you are one of the avid fans of poker, it is time to take your profitability to the next level. One of the fastest way to achieve that is to avoid the top mistake that poker players make in their game.

Many players play the game for the thrill that they provide. In fact, poker is an easy game to play but a hard game to master. A few mistakes here and there may even cause you a fortune. If you are one of the players that have been thinking to mater the game, you must first identify the top poker mistakes that has been causing you money. Let’s us dive straight into these mistakes and be sure not to repeat them in your next game.

Playing Too Many Hands

Poker players has been making this mistakes over and over again throughout their game. In actual fact, players will do much better if they fold the majority of hands that they are dealt with. Many players especially the amateur are often confuse while playing the game. In most occasion, they are playing most of the hands that they are dealt with. This mistake cause many players to fall into the trap of thinking their hands will eventually turn out to be the winning hand at the “river”.

Most players will hold onto their cards and hope to win the game. In most situation, we have even seen players call with ace-rag out of position, or even call a raise with it. Many players will also hold on to any two suited cards or even any picture card. In fact, it is rare that you can get lucky with these cards. In most occasions, the players would need to have a strong post-flop ability to win with these hands.

If you are serious about winning big in your poker game, it would be wiser to only bets on the premium hands such as high pocket pairs and very strong aces most of the time. It is suggestible to fold any other cards other than these premium hands.

Not Folding Mediocre Hands

Having a marginal hands can be very exciting for most players. This is especially true after the flop. Most players would find it really hard to fold their cards after hitting a middle pair or top pair. These players will put themselves into difficult situation when they are involve in the pot holding top pairs while there are possibilities for a flush or even straight draws from their opponents. The beginners will seem like they like are betting like as if there is no tomorrow. In most cases, this can lead to a negative impact on their game.

Countless of time we have seen players hold up their cards all the way to the river. This also happen even when the board has paired up and there is a 4-to-a-flush on the board or even a straight possibility. The happen because the players are too afraid to fold their top pairs because they fear losing out in the game.

However, poker players must bear in mind that the best hand on the flop do not guarantee the best hand on the river. It is always wiser to play with caution and never fear folding your cards when the action heats up.

Another great tips for all poker players. Whenever you feel stuck in a situation, do ask yourself this question: “What two cards could my opponent be getting in order for them to beat me?” You should only carry on with playing when you narrow down the possibility to one or at most two sets of cards. If you suspect your opponent might be having more combinations of cards that can beat your hand, then it would be better to fold your cards. Continue playing when there could only be one or two combinations that can beat you at your game. Try to bet out or raise to gain more information on the game. If your opponents fold, you win the pot. If they raise, you should be extra caution.

Under Betting the Pot

While playing no limit game such as Texas Hold’em, the players can bet out as much as they want to protect their hand. This can bring many advantages to you. Usually, the weaker and inexperience players will bet a smaller amount such as $30 into a $500 pot. Poker players can take advantage of these situation as it offer great pot odds to call and suck-out on the river. This is due to the cost to see another card will be minimum as compare to the money they would stand to make. By betting around 75% of the pot will usually be enough to discourage the players on a draw. Any bet under half the pot will not be enough to get the same effect.

Over Betting the Pot

Under betting the pot will not be good to the players. On the other hand, over betting the pot will be another mistakes that amateur poker players make. Some players will find themselves making half-decent hand and adrenaline start to kick into their game. As a result of that, they start pumping $300 into a $90 pot. In some cases, they might even move all in while in a pre-flop for $1500 while the blinds are still 15/30. They might be asking for trouble if they bet like this because the weaker hands will fold while the players with stronger hands will call. Over betting the pot will usually result in either winning a small pot or losing a big one. This is really not an ideal poker playing approach if you want to win consistently from your game.

Ignoring Position

Having the right knowledge while playing poker can make you in control of your game. Having more information regarding your round of bet will better position you to take make the right decision in the game. Some players will play hands under the gun. In the event where they bet out, they would possibly face a massive re-raise in the later position. Some players choose to check post flop in hope of a check raise. However, they will often find the entire table check after them. By checking post flop, poker players will get to see what the rest of his opponents are up to before they act.

Amateur players will often make a mistake of ignoring their position and play a certain hands regardless of position. Playing the premium hands in the early position is often beneficial. This should also be follow by widening your range of starting hands the later your position becomes.


Poker is one of the best casino games of all time. Some player has even made a full time living out of playing poker. If you have been thinking of being an expert in poker, do keep in mind and never repeat the poker mistakes as mentioned above. You will soon find yourself winning more hands in your poker game.

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