Where to Play SCR888?

I would rather play SCR888 on Android phones than IOS. Why? Typically, IOS smartphones tend to perform better than Android phones in terms of user experience. This is why so many people love to use iPhone.

Android has several weaknesses compared to IOS. It could be the phone battery that doesn’t last long or could be the operating system that doesn’t run as smooth as IOS.

As well as, you can play the 918KISS casino games on the IOS device. There are much interesting to download the 918KISS IOS for the best online gambling entertainment.


APK is an installer file that Android operating system used to compress any mobile apps. Before you wanna install anything on your Android phones, you gotta install its APK file first.

SCR888 APK is the most downloaded mobile casino apps in Malaysia. There is a total number of approximately 500,000 downloads in the year of 2016 itself. One of the factors is that the majority of the country’s population is Malay. And Malays tend to use Android phones more.

When you wanna download SCR888 APK, there are a few things that you need to be cautious with.

Firstly, be sure there is no virus nor spying malware in the download file. That is why we never recommend you to download SCR888 from unknown sources. Always download the APK file from the official SCR888 download site.

Recently, there was a fake SCR888 download site. Many players have downloaded the fake SCR888 games and their accounts were hacked. You wouldn’t want this to happen.

Secondly, do not download SCR888 APK files on any IOS smartphones. It just won’t work. APK file is only specially designed for the Android operating system.

What Can You Do with SCR888 APK?

After having downloaded SCR888 APK, you may then run the file to complete the installation. After that, you are allowed to login to slot games with valid username and password.

The question is, how to get valid username and password? There are countless SCR888 agents offering free game ID in the market. Just try to google “SCR888” then you would get a long list of the authorised SCR888 agent.

If you’ve already topped up credit for your SCR888 game account, then you can start spinning the reels! Remember, we are playing real cash in SCR888, not game credit. So, prepare to win big from the games!

As such, SCR888 APK is a really powerful tool for you to gain huge profits. It’s a must to really understand what SCR888 APK is about.