Betting System: The Ultimate Betting Strategy

Betting System: The Ultimate Betting Strategy

Having a betting system is definitely a much more organized approach which you can use to lower the house advantage on any casino games. The betting systems that we will be sharing today is applicable both on the land-based and also online casino. Over the years, there are many betting strategies that has been tried and tested in the casino.

One of the most important strategy that all online casino players should know is their fund management.  With a proper fund management system, the players can easily profit from the casino, break-even or recover from their losses. Other than this strategy, there are also other widely-used betting system that you can use to profit from your casino games.


The Anti-Martingale system is also famously known as the Paroli betting system. By using this system, you would have to double your bets on every occasion when you win. If you are betting with $5, after your first win, your next bet should be $10. When using this system, all wager that you placed must be doubled until your winning streak come to an end.

When you lose your bet, you would have to go back to your initial bets. The Anti-Martingale system come with the logic that would let the players to capitalize on their ‘hot hand’ or winning streak. For this reason alone, you will be able to reduce your losses when the odds no longer work in your favor.

Dopey Experiment

The next betting strategy that is often used is called the Dopey Experiment. In fact, it is one of the most famous and talked about betting system of all time. However, this is also a betting system whereby there are no guarantee of a win. The Dopey experiment is initially made mainly to allow casino players to enjoy their game of roulette to the fullest. Read on to learn how does the Dopey experiment work.

By using this system, you would have to divide your budget by 35. As an example, if you have allotted a budget of $140, it should be divided into 35 parts. This would mean that each of your bet is worth $4. After that, you would have to place your bets into a particular number or color for 35 times. You may be wondering about the rationale behind this experiment. Well, it is no other than having fun by not going over your bankroll limits.


The Labouchere is often compare as yet another variant of the Martingale system. Besides that, it is also famously known as the cancellation method.

By using this betting system, you would have to pick a series of numbers. After that, you are required to add the first and also last digits to determine your betting amount. For an example, if you have chosen your series of number such as 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, you would have to add 9 and 5 which in the end will add up to a total of 14. The number 14 should be the amount for your initial bet. Next, you would have to follow the same pattern to determine your second bet. Therefore, the next number of 6 and 8 would come up to a sum of 14. Thus, 14 will also be the amount for your second bet.

The player who loses their bet are not required to double his or her bet. Nevertheless, you would then have to add another number to the series and follow the pattern. Following the example mentioned above, the number 10 must be included in the series. As according to the formula, the number 10 should be added to the first digit which is 5. Therefore, your next betting amount would be 15.

Many casino players had found success using the Labouchere system. This is especially useful when it comes to Roulette.


The next effective strategy that is famously use in the casino is the Martingale system. This betting system is perhaps the pioneer of all betting systems made to lower the house edge. Many players enjoy using this system due to its simplicity and easy to understand betting method. You would simply need to double your bets if you lose. The Martingale betting system is often used to allow the player to gain from their winnings and recover from their losses.


The betting system mentioned above is just some of the most effective approach used by many. Over the years, there are various method that have been used in casino betting. However, some of the methods may work for some while others would find them irrelevant.

Ultimately, there is only one system that would readily would in any casino. This method would be your wager management system. It is the practice of knowing when to control yourself and sticking to your allotted budgets.

Practice the most effective betting system mentioned above and you will be better off than most casino players. Test your skill in SCR888 casino or the 918KISS now!

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