SCR888 Download | How Do I Do It?

SCR888 Download | How Do I Do It?

 scr888 download

SCR888 Download

To play at SCR888 Online Casino, you’ll need to get the SCR888 download from Mr.Ong Online Casino. It is necessary that you get the SCR888 download from Mr.Ong Online Casino because it is 100% original version. There are many other online sites that have SCR888 download too but it might not be the original version. By getting the SCR888 download from Mr.Ong Online Casino, you maximize your opportunity to win more bets because the original software works more smoothly and has no errors whereas the fake version of SCR888 download can hang on you and you may lose your bets quickly. So it is advisable for you to get the SCR888 download for free at Mr.Ong Online Casino and play on your IOS device or Android smartphone for a better gaming experience.

In Malaysia, SCR888 is the most popular online casino. It is called as the 918KISS today. They have more than 100 slot games which could be accessed from all sorts of different devices like IOS devices, Android smartphones, and other similar devices. In layman’s terms, all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection to be part of the SCR888 Online Casino community. Many people often have the notion that online casinos are nothing but money laundering scams that drain you of your incomes and instead of earning, you end up losing what you have. Well, initially many players are hesitant to join the SCR888 community, but players decided to play smart and that indeed turned out to be one of the best decisions of their life.

SCR888 Free Play

Due to the increasing popularity of SCR888, it gives us the confidence to call it the most played and enjoyed online mobile slot games in Malaysia. The feedback we have received about this game has been very encouraging and we will continue to ensure every player enjoys a thrilling experience during every gaming session. In this article, the challenges faced by users are concerning the download of the SCR888 app. This issue will be addressed with clear and simple guidelines. It will ensure every player being able to download and enjoy this app.

The common smartphones used by players in Malaysia run on either the Android or IOS system. These operating systems have been proven to run the SCR888 games very smoothly. And the SCR888 Online Casino has leveraged on this fact to improve the overall user experience with better innovations and a more user-friendly gaming platform. How long does it take to download SCR888? Amazingly, it takes only a few minutes to download the SCR888 app. It is very simple to download and the games in the SCR888 app installs automatically upon downloading of the SCR888 app. For more information and guide for downloading the SCR888 app, you can refer to our download guide below.

SCR888 Online

You are only a few steps away from experiencing the amazing world of SCR888 slot games on your own smart phone. Continue by following these steps:-

Step 1: Register Now for an account in Mr.Ong Online Casino

Step 2: Deposit money and activate your account.

Step 3: Download SCR888 and start playing!

SCR888 For iPhone

A lot of people are using IOS devices, so that’s why we provide you a version of SCR888 for IOS. Please follow the steps for SCR888 download on IOS. Firstly, open the SAFARI app from your iPhone then select the IOS version. A pop-up screen will appear. Select Install. After installing, the SCR888 app will appear on the screen. Click on the SCR888 app, another pop-up screen will appear. It will request for approval to use the app on your iPhone. Select Cancel. In order to use the SCR888 app, we need to change the settings. Open the SETTING app on your iPhone. Select General. Click on Device Management. You will see ‘All Continental Trading Sdn Bhd’. Select it. Click on Trust ‘All Continental Trading Sdn Bhd’. Another pop-up screen will appear. Select Trust.


For Android smartphones, it’s much easier and faster to download compared to IOS devices. Please follow the steps for SCR888 download on Android smartphones. Firstly, key in on your browser in your Android smartphone. Select the android version. A pop-up screen will appear. Please select the Install button. After the installation, please select the Open button.

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