SCR888 Game Error – Unable to Login (Cannot Login)

SCR888 Game Error – Unable to Login (Cannot Login)

SCR888 Game is Severely Interrupted

Over the past few days, I believe many of the SCR888 players have been facing with huge problems – cannot login to SCR888/ 918KISS slot games. Some of them can’t even update certain slot games and it just stuck at loading process. When they try to contact their respective SCR888 agents, no clear answer has been given to address the issues. Up to now, the reason behind is still a mist. Nevertheless, we have listed out some of the possible scenarios that are occurring now:

Players Cannot Login to SCR888/ 918KISS Game

Some players claim that they are unable to login to SCR888/ 918KISS slot games. Some of them are existing SCR888 players (not new) and have been using the same game ID for quite some ID. However, they receive an error message saying that the entered password is invalid. This is a big problem to the players. Some of them are not able to login even after asking the agent to reset their password.

Solution: You may contact your SCR888 agent to re-generate a new player ID and new password. Try to login again with the new ID and new password to see if you can login to the game.

Unable to Complete the Updating Process for Games

Most people are aware of the updating process when they are accessing a new slot game. This is because your SCR888/ 918KISS game application would need to download any new update for the particular slot game. This happens when players are entering a specific slot game on the first time. Thereafter, such updating process will only appear when there is a major update in the slot game information. Over the past few days, many players are stuck at the updating process – SCR888 games keep stay at the loading page with 0% process completed. This is definitely a huge headache to regular SCR888 players.

Solution: Try to remove SCR888 slot game from your mobile phone. After that, download SCR888/ 918KISS App and reinstall again on your mobile devices. 

SCR888 Download Link is Not Working Properly

For some of the new players to SCR888 games, they are not able to download SCR888 slot games on their smartphones using the old download link: How do I play SCR888 games when I’m not even able to download the games?!! We believe this is mainly due to the unexpected breakdown in the SCR888 game server. Do not worry, we have some helpful solutions for you.

Solution: Forget about the old link and try the new download links. We have a list of new SCR888 download links for emergency purpose. However, it depends on your luck if one of these links could really help you (sad to say so):

Alternative SCR888 Download Links:



SCR888 Agents Have Been Facing Problems

I know, it’s been hard days for all SCR888 agents for the past week. I bet a lot of the SCR888 agents have been receiving complaints from players. Most players are still allowed to log in to SCR888 games. However, they do not know that many of the agents have been facing with difficulties accessing the SCR888 agent site. Some agents are not able to top-up credit for players. These are some of the main issues that the majority of the SCR888 agents are facing now:

Unable to Access Agent Site

Arghh….Why I cannot login to SCR888 agent site?? My customers are chasing me tightly!!! Most of the agents are affected by the erratic condition in SCR888 game server these few days. They are not able to deliver the best customer service to their players as agent site is sometimes not accessible. Players thought everything is still normal because they are still able to login to game.

Solution: Other than, you may consider login to other alternative SCR888 agent sites –


Player IDs Disappear

Sometimes, agents found that some of their customers’ player ID just disappear into no where. Some of the player IDs are existing player ID for quite some time already. However, it just disappear and cannot be found in the agent site.

Solution: This is still a mystery. Some said this issue would be resolved as soon as possible but such problem is still happening up to this moment.

If you are still facing problems in SCR888/ 918KISS games, you may try to CLICK HERE for further enquiry. Otherwise, we would suggest you switch to other similar slot game products – 3Win8. Hope the above is helpful for you 🙂


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