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  1. I find it very helpful after reading your post. By the way, is there any useful hacking software to hack SCR888 slot games?

  2. Just read through your post about hacking casino games. How could this even happen? Please tell me this not some kinda joke to entertain people. If that’s the case, how does SCR888 casino agent protect themselves from this kind of problems?

    1. Hi there, there are indeed a lot of rumours talking about hacking SCR888 slot games by using some kind of unknown hacking software which is also available for sale in the black market. Although we have not seen the software by our own, it seems to be quite possible to have this happened based on our market survey by a large number of SCR888 slot game players in Malaysia. The only way for SCR888 casino agents to protect themselves is to reject payment when such hackers win money from them. This is also one of the reasons why some SCR888 agents do not pay when customers win big from the games, which also cause impairment in the market confidence towards SCR888. Therefore, I would recommend one to play SCR888 with the authorised SCR888 casino agent given their scalability as well as payment assurance which would never disappoint players in terms of payment quality.

    1. Hi mal, for you to hack SCR888 slot games, you may refer to some of the available hacking software sold by the resellers. In this matter, you could probably take a look at one of the video tutorials about hacking SCR888 slot games. Nevertheless, I strongly believe the best way to win from online slot games is through a proper method, especially when SCR888 is offering a record-high winning payout recently, and you can just increase the odds of winning by increasing your bet amount for some of the slot games, such as Great Blue, Monkey Thunderbolt, Highway Kings… Hope this is helpful πŸ™‚

  3. Hi guy,? As’kum for member2x yg muslim,kita suma pn skg ni masi jgk tecari2x mcmn,? Bgaimna,? Dn dmna,? Nk cri jln tuk kita suma cpt2x nk jdi kaya ..bgi sya plak,sya akn cri jln sndri smp jmp mcmn cra hack ngn btl dn cri software yg padan tk hp sya guna ni tk lyan scr888 ni nt.,supaya dpt jgk sya leraikan duit2x dorg kat akaun dorg tu.k lh..salam..

    1. Hi Ran, not sure if you are talking about hacking the Monkey Thunderbolt in SCR888. SCR888 Malaysia does not encourage players to hack its games. Anyway, you may search for such information on some of the video tutorials from youtube. Thanks

  4. memang takda ke sofware untuk kita hack slot game scr ni. puas dah mencari. asyik kena tipu je ngan scammer. kalah dah banyak bermain di scr 888 ni. sekali ou tak pernah dapat jackport. beri la saya menang kali ni guna hacker ni…jika ada. tolong la share kan kat saya sofware hack ni.

    1. Hi Khairol, online gambling is meant to be one of the forms for entertainment and leisure purpose. Of course, most of us would like to make windfall fortune overnight from playing SCR888 slot games. I sincerely suggest you to play 3Win8 if you really can’t win from SCR888. That might change your luck of game πŸ™‚

  5. Hi,
    Macam mana mahu complaint agent yang tidak membayar duit menang? boleh dapatkan support service contact or anything that i could complaint this matter to 2nd level.

  6. Not hack for scr888. Since, Winning is only look on your luck. Hehe. Can intro me some good company? Since till now only knw 2 company that i can trusted. Wanna change others place to get my luck. Hehe

  7. Hai…saya ingin bertanya benarkah bahawa permainan ini mengunkan id dan id tersebut boleh di lock dan dikawal oleh pihak agent atu scr itu sendiri bagi kami pemain kalah????

    1. Kadang-kadang ketika bermain sepatutnya game tersebut mendapat free spin namun ia bertukar gambar dan ada kalanya ia tersangkut sangkut ketika hendak jatuh kepada free spain namun apa yg timbul adalah lain….

    2. they can ‘hack’ us, we cannot hack them or else they wont pay. if ur so lucky ‘cuci’ alot, next time u play scr will ‘eat’ u back. its bcos ur id had been set so u wont win again till u fedup and ask for new id or u bancrupt. there are 2 sets of id, set a is 50/50 payout & set b is use to eat customer. scr is business and they care about profit..never think playing scr to become rich, just play for fun.

  8. People have considered hacking the electronic slot games to get huge payouts, but it is practically impossible with the level of security used to protect the SCR888, however there will be little need to hack the SCR888 because it is actually very easy to win. Why gamble when playing the game is fun? The chances of making some extra money while having fun adds more excitement to playing the slot game. It should be noted that these electronically designed slot games have been secured with the best form of online security to prevent any glitches.

  9. boleh tanya kah
    kalau agent kiosk website yang
    http://www.kiosk.2scr888.com penipu punya kah?sebab aku ada satu customer main in 800 terus jatuh tidak pernah naik free apa pun tiada boss sikit lun kosong sampai credit kosong…kawan cakap saya penipu punya agent…cibai…

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