26 thoughts on “The Complete SCR888 Login Guide | SCR888 Casino | SCR888 Download IOS Android

    1. mohamad arif bin mohamad shaik

      why cannot play scr888 in my laptop

      1. SCR888 is only workable on the iOS and Android device at the moment. You may download the apps from http://www.bigchoysun.com/Live-Casino/SCR888. Thanks.

    2. X buleh log in game ngan website account lock x tau pasai pa

      1. Hi Rahmad, kindly contact your SCR888 agent for more info. The SCR888 game server remains highly unstable over these few days. We sincerely suggest you to wait until it is back to normal status. Thanks.

    1. Yes Aris, anything you would like to know more about SCR888?

  1. I cannot play this game,why? cant open this game in my phone

    1. Hi Mizli, SCR888 has been experiencing instability in their game servers over the past few days. SCR888 agents are also facing difficulties with launching agent site. You might consider switching to other game like 3Win8 before SCR888 resumes its operations.

    2. Hi Mizli, as mentioned there have been some kind of unknown interruptions in SCR888 game server. Suggest you to switch over other casino products for the time being 🙂

  2. Morning Saya lupa password dgn id macam mana nk dapat kn semula

    1. Hi Zack, you can request the ID and password again from the online casino that you registered previously. However, you may also get a new ID and password at http://www.bigchoysun.com/. Kindly drop a message with their live chat and they will guide you accordingly.

  3. Hi Zacj, you need to contact your SCR888 agent to retrieve ID and password. Or else, you may also register a new game ID with SCR888 Malaysia.

  4. Why it can’t be open in my device ? When i open it , there something wrong at loading . It doesn’t loading and just 0% . Please help me , or send me original link for newest version . Thanks

    1. SCR888 slot games have been pretty unstable recently. You may refer to our earlier post on SCR888 game errors for reference. Hope this will really help you 🙂

  5. tk dpt download,

    1. Hi finftg, may I know what was the error when you were trying to download SCR888? Are you using Android or IOS devices?

    2. You may download the SCR888 apps at SCR888 Download.

  6. Deposit not avalaible in my account ..

    1. Hi A Yong, may I know what kind of situation you’ve encoutered?

  7. My account is locked. Has it something to do with having 2 accounts? How do i unlocked it? Tq.

    1. Hi Jessica, you may make enquiry with SCR888 Malaysia about technical related troubleshooting

  8. 0185377610

    Nk point freee

    1. Hi, sila hubungi Customer Service Team kita 🙂

  9. 中奖没有赔款

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