SCR888 Monkey Thunderbolt | SCR888-918Kiss| SCR888 Slot Game

SCR888 Monkey Thunderbolt | SCR888-918Kiss| SCR888 Slot Game

Casino players that have tried their hands at SCR888 Monkey thunderbolt would be excited to tell you that it is definitely the slot game which you must try. Slot players who tried the common slot game such as Bonus Bears, Highway Kings and Captain’s Treasure would experience a new excitement when they place their bet with Monkey Thunderbolt. Apart from the exciting gameplay, Monkey Thunderbolt is very rewarding as well. The race gambling game has many large prizes installed for the casino players.

Legendary Chinese Story

The slot game created base on the legendary Chinese story where the winning monkey will climb to the top of the world within 1 minute. It is said that before human being are able to reach the sky, the only species that are able to do that were monkeys. According to legend, only the 10th son of each generation will be chosen to take part in this legendary race. This race would be the most important race in every 100 years because the winning monkey who are able to achieve this feat will be the Thunderbolt King. As Thunderbolt King will be the ruler of the world for the next 100 years, the chosen monkey will go all out to win the race.

The challenges ahead

Only the lightest and the most skillful monkey will reach the top of the world. Winning the race would not be easy as the rules of the race is strict and tight. On the way up to the top, the monkeys will face lots of challenges such as random bird attack which will cast the monkey out of the race. The monkeys will also have to face the challenge of climbing on the silk rope. Only the lightest and most skillful monkey are able to face all these challenges and win the race.

Multiple Rewards from Monkey Thunderbolt

The slot game also come together with amazing sound which only add-on to the excitement of the slot game. Betting in the Monkey Thunderbolt is easy and direct. Casino players are able to place multiple bets on their favorite monkey. By placing multiple bets, the players will only increase their chances of winning in each race. Besides that, the Monkey Thunderbolt also offer attractive jackpot animation with multiplier on the rewards per race. With so much rewards being offered, casino players are sure to win big and reach the top as well.

SCR888 Casino Game-BigChoySun

If you have heard about the Monkey Thunderbolts and doesn’t have the idea where to start. You can download the 918KISS Casino APP or the SCR888 APP. As both of that Casinos are providing the Monkey Thunderbolts arcade game in the application. Either you can download the 918KISS APK or the 918KISS iOS for the installation, but it is depending on what device you are using.

There are too many online casino available in the Malaysia market. Online casino players especially the beginners would easily find themselves being confused by the wide variety of choices available. Do take some time to do your own research on finding a reputable and reliable online casino. You may also visit Ministry of Gambling for more casino info and rating. Good Luck!!

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