Slot Games Tips: A Great Feature for Lazy Man – Slot Game AutoPlay Feature on SCR888 Casino

Slot Games Tips: A Great Feature for Lazy Man – Slot Game AutoPlay Feature on SCR888 Casino


What is Autoplay?

Autoplay is an action controlling by AI automatically, without any action from a user. For the slot game, the autoplay feature is performing similar but it will be more options to play. The autoplay button is located below the reel – the action menu bar. Normally, it is opposite the Spin button. Each of the buttons is representing the different features.

Within the slot, the autoplay feature has the different functioning progress. One is the manually controlling the action of the feature. Another one is allowing to adjust the number of gameplay by autoplay. Next, it allows the feature run until trigger the bonus game. Those functions are depending on the developers’ service pattern.

Each of the slots has the autoplay feature. Normally, the feature allows to assisting on the player after done setting of the betting level on the game. In short, it plays the game by following the betting amount set by the player.

Autoplay Feature on SCR888 Online Casino Malaysia

The SCR888 Casino is the hottest topic in the online gambling environment. Yes, the SCR888/ 918KISS casino is the most popular online casino nowadays. There is more than million Malaysian enjoy well with the developer. SCR888/ 918KISS casino mainly provides the online slot games, which has more than a hundred slots on the site.

For sure, the slots by SCR888 casino have the autoplay feature as well. A slot doesn’t have the feature, and it doesn’t count as the slot game.

Why is the Autoplay Feature Great to The Players?

There are many things have the own benefit. But what actually this feature benefit to the gamblers while gameplay?


The budgeting is one of the benefits. Actually, it is a great way to keep track automatically rather than manually of how much you had bet, how many times you had spun, how much of your balance had increased. By setting the parameters before you started, you can practice responsible gambling without actually tracking or entering the process, and even if you reach a limit, you should continue.


The idea of the autoplay feature is designed to convenient the player while playing the game. With the feature, the player able to relax when the game plays itself.

As mentioned above, the feature has a various type of action. Each of the action brought the different convenient feeling to the player. It is depending on the player prefer with which type of the action present on gameplay.

For myself, I will prefer the number of spins and till bonus game triggered. Not one will let the bonus game spin automatically rather spin manually. As it is an excellent feeling while the bonus game triggered since it is the free gameplay without any wagering on the game. The SCR888 casino’s autoplay feature will automatically stop once the bonus game is triggered, it is great to the player.

Not Interrupting Your Flow

Most of the people are superstition on everything, even gambling. Especially the Chinese players, they are truly believing in the superstition some more it is the gambling. People believe a winning streak cannot be broken in half way. What if that’s some necessary issues to do by now while winning streak on the game? Now, where the autoplay feature comes to assisting player winning streak.


Everything has their own unique strategy when it comes to playing Online Casino Games, and thanks to being able to play in the convenient. The online slot games’ autoplay feature is majority designed to convenient their gamblers while gameplay.

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