SCR888 Agent “Tak Bayar”!

This could be the most heard topic in Malaysia this year. “Tak Bayar” in Malay means “Doesn’t Pay”. Some of the SCR888 agents refuse to pay players when there is a huge win. It is not a rare case in SCR888/ 918KISS games. But very often it happens in SCR888. Why is that so? From my point of view, there are a couple of reasons.

Firstly, SCR888’s winning payout is just too high. This is also one of the reasons why players love to play SCR888. They can easily win from its slot games. The more you bet the higher chances you can win. Some of the agents even refuse to promote SCR888 simply because they have had a terrible losing streak in the past. I would say SCR888 is truly a virtual online ATM machine – keep paying money.

Therefore, some agents choose not to pay when their customers win extraordinary big. Maybe RM10k, RM30k? I have no idea. This really depends on the risk appetite of each agent. What important here is those dishonest SCR888 agents (who refuse to pay their customers) are really undermining market confidence towards online casinos in Malaysia. Some players do not trust online casino companies anymore.

How often does this happen? It happens almost every day. Can you imagine how big the betting volume for SCR888 is? My guess is up to billions ringgit a day. This is huge. Not long ago, there was an announcement issued by SCR888/ 918KISS company that claims that the agent ID of any dishonest SCR888 agent could be terminated without prior notice if such agent is found to have not paying customers. However, this does not seem to be a long-term solution.

What Can You Do When SCR888 Agents Do Not Pay?

Many players are seriously looking into this problem. The precautions are taken by SCR888/ 918KISS (as mentioned above) does not help to cure the thing. Dishonest SCR888 agents could have just registered another agent ID with another upline, then the same old scenario would just repeatedly happen again. Nonetheless, this seems to be one of the only ways to recover your loss. In fact, you can always lodge a complaint against your case in SCR888 mobile games.

SCR888 Tips

As where the green arrow is pointing to in the picture above, you are allowed to lodge your complaint under “Suggestion” after you are in the game. This is supposed to gather any valuable feedback to improve SCR888 games going forward. Nevertheless, they are also taking seriously about default payment case.

SCR888 Tips

After having clicked on the “Suggestion”, you will then enter into the page as per screenshot above. This is where you can lodge your complaint against dishonest SCR888 agents. It’s optional for you to provide your mobile no. during the process. If your mobile phone is provided, SCR888/ 918KISS company would probably make a call to you when there is such a need.

Have you noticed that it’s written at the bottom as per red box above, any players that have provided valuable feedbacks might be rewarded? I have not heard anyone getting any reward for this in the past. Maybe you can try this out? Haha… I think this is a smart move by SCR888. This would really help to restore players confidence’s towards itsΒ products.

Besides, there are another useful tips if you get cheated by the dishonest SCR888 agent. After having lodged your report with the SCR888 company, you should really think about the next course of action. You should really just bet with the most trusted SCR888 agent in Malaysia. In this case, the authorized SCR888 Malaysia agent might be your best choice. Try to get a free SCR888 game ID from it and start playing without worrying not getting paid going forward.

Important Things to Do for Your New SCR888 Game ID

When you first get your SCR888 game ID, what would be the first thing to do? Most of you would start betting straight away. This is not safe. You should try to take a step back and change your own game password before playing games.

SCR888 Tips

Just click on the “Change Password” button under “Setting”, then you would be directed to another page as per photo below:

SCR888 Tips

Here, you are required to enter your old password and enter a new password. This is to secure your own login security. Remember to follow its password policy in order to successfully get your new password updated.

But why is it so important to change your SCR888 game password before start playing? This is to avoid any misunderstanding if something abnormal happens to your game account. Most of the time. some would find their SCR888 points disappear or being deducted out of no reason. This actually is to ensure that you are the only one who owns the access to your SCR888 game account.

We really hope that the above would help to address some of the issues that you have encountered in SCR888 thus far. Stay tuned for more game tips about SCR888!

SCR888 Tips

SCR888 Tips: Agent Tak Bayar!!!
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122 thoughts on “SCR888 Tips: Agent Tak Bayar!!!

  1. Ade agent yg bg mcm2 alasan system under maintanance la…..apabila nk cuci….saya bengang dgn agent tu… saya tnye agent lain adakah system scr under maintanance…agent lain ckp line scr ok… xguna pnye agent… tpon agent tu 010-218 0899

    1. Hi Ahmad, I believe this is probably due to the recent system maintenance in SCR888 Malaysia. In the past few days, game log is not viewable by SCR888 agent. This is why some of the agents are not able to verify customer’s winnings and refuse to pay if customer wants to withdraw. For the time being, everyone is waiting patiently for SCR888 Malaysia to respond.

      1. This company already deceive me Rm1700.. name account maybank compny SCR888 ss suncity trading number fon compny 0102777717..
        I want back my money rm1700..please help meπŸ™πŸ»

      2. sy sudah buat aduan didalam complaint box scr888.xdr respon pon dri pihak yg brtsnggungjawab. ncm mna mau dptkn kembali duit dripda compny agent yg xbyar. company name :
        smc6 enterprise.. xmsu byr duit cuci rm4400. sy punya id player 0114485338

          3rd Party Email Address :
          Account Holder Name : VISION ONE TRADING
          TransactionType : Open 3rd Party Transfer. kpda scr888 sila ambik tindakan yg keras kpd agent penipu lg merosakan imeg scr888.

      3. Boss i baru kena dengan Agent Alan ONG CHI no fon 016 6274051 . DUIT JACKPOT 3K TAK BAYAR ! bila mintak cakap tunggu hr bayar . i dah isue dkt complaint box .

      4. How about my complaint that your dealer was cheating..they blocked and locked my id : 01890585525…their contact no : 0102730020 ( Uwin77 )..please take an action because it can effect your’s about lot of phone no : 0179655709..

      5. Why u scr888 just asking how,when and which agent did (cheat )..and say sorry only..we all players lost a lot of money..please show your resposibility about our matters and please solved it with an action not just talking rubbish..

      6. Asia cash casino. Br menang 250 trus block saya. Xguna betul. Xkan menang 250 pn xboleh byr. Bila nk msuk game dia dah lock wlau pn saya dah tukar password. Tak guna. Mmg sial la ni ejen. Asia Cash Casino. 0138230646

    2. Ya..betul..!! Sy kena pyn company pun ckp dgn abg same.. suruh tunggu sj.. apa system maintenance la.. tgh hari suruh tggu sampai mlm pun x siap.! Whatsapp x reply.. lepas tu block sy.. company tu name 1millon club.. pekerja amoi name 1)kiki. 2)momo.

  2. I recommended kawan untuk bermain slot game 3win8…agent dah bg id dan password…tp bila kwn i main dan mng 1k agent x nak bayar…dr smlm smpai skarang nie tnggu respon…jwpn agent pada customer x dpt whtsap sedangkan kami dah bnyak kali whtsap…macam mana 2 ???

    1. Hi Bard Tampin, I’m really sorry about your friend’s case. This is why we always remind everyone to be aware of those dishonest SCR888 agents in the market. You should really play with the most trusted SCR888 Agent in Malaysia.

      1. SCR888 pn sama gak dgn agen2..biler komplen dok asyik tnya da submit ke dlm complaint box..da bnyk kli komplen pn smpai skg xde lgsung jwpn..PENIPU BELAKA..

  3. Hi Scr, i already submit a complaint at scr888 at complaint box. But no respond since yesterday. I very dispointed for this matter. Yesterday want to cash out money from my account, it about rm900.00. Suddenly the agent was remove me from group. And block me from wassap. Agent from fame store/famewin casino. Hp no. 0163965770 acc no 551463061775 under name Fame store enterprise. Please reply as soon as posible before other people will be get cheated. That my concern.

  4. Kompeni triton Judi club bermasalah…duit dh di masuk ke akaun RHB..slip dah di send ke whatsapp agent..tapi duit tak masuk2…di msg tak balas..tolong ambil tindakkan atas kompeni ni..kpada kompeni triton tolong cari pekerja awak yg kerja shift mlm pada 14/11/16- 15/11/16..DLM pukul 00.00 am – 7.00 am..pekerja ini buat tak tahu je..ambil tindakkan atas pekerja INI…

      1. Agent tipu saya…7063874777
        Nicholas lim
        0147413073 duit x bayar

      2. 5/7/17,petang saya jatuh major tak bayar,.
        HP NO:0102495599

        1. sorry for hearing about your case, you able to make a report from the SCR888 application. On the login page, that’s a Red Button, click on the button and do the reporting

      3. Teruk betoi ejen2 nie,,,Mr.scr888slot ataupn sape2 amek la tindakkn pd ejen2 brmasaalah nie…BARU KEJAP TADI,ak AKU MINTA CUCI RM350 TERUS EJEN TU BLOCK WASSUP AK DAN ACC AKU PN DI BLOCK NYE..CELAKA BTOY SCR888,, AKU DA BANK IN,,AKU MENANG,EJEN ATAUPN SCR888 BAYAR LAH…NIE NBO EJEN TU,011-13388461… complaint box aku da isi tp smpai skrg feedback dari scr888 atupn ejen penipu xada…aku nk duit aku..byr la..nie nbo aku,01425120081..aku tgu jwpan scr888..ak nk duit aku.

  5. I tried to withdraw my winning money 4.5k n untill now the agent just keep quiet. Try to call them they never answer my call. So many time chat with them asking to withdraw my money also they did’nt reply me. So upset with this agent Wynn888. SCR management should take upfront deposit of 50k to 100k from those who wanted to become an agent. Incase the agent refused to pay then SCR management will pay with the deposit money then blacklist the agent.

    1. Hi Jimmy, we are sorry to hear this. Many players have come across this issue as well. Therefore, it is always advisable to place your bet with some of the most reputable Online Casino Malaysia.

  6. Saya id:0198604649 kena tipu sama agent ni nbr tel dia 0175656525 nama akaun kelvin ten.suruh cuci RM300 terus blok .penipu punya org .tolong ambik tindakan .

  7. Saya kena tipu sbnyak rm1650… detail agent tu…

    Bank Akaun Nama: FIFI ELVIRA PATARIK
    Cimb Bank 7062231679
    MayBank 5102-9100-2149
    Public Bank 6866-63-7716
    Hongleong Bank 1115-016-6958

    Selepas Bankin sila hantar resit ada sini.
    Terima Kasih boss.
    RM0.00 CIMB: 3rd Party Transfer RM50.00 to ****1679/FIFI ELVIRA on 17 Jan 2017 21:56:19. Call 603 6204 7788 if you DID NOT perform this transaction.

    1. Hi Amirulhafis, we’re truly sorry to hear about your case. Nowadays, quite a number of dishonest SCR888 agents trying to cheat player’s money. Gotta be more careful in selecting which agent to play with. We strongly suggest you to play with the official SCR888 agent.

      1. Why u scr888 just asking how,when and which agent did (cheat )..and say sorry only..we all players lost a lot of money..please show your resposibility about our matters and please solved it with an action not just talking rubbish..

  8. saya br kene tipu.. masok 100 mahu cuci 600..terus block wechat..bankin atas name Yeong Poh Ling Cimb 7005788517. ud wechat:scr888arissa whatap: 01111911126..fb/Arissa Tan agent: Scr888 Trusted Agent .
    macam mn nak cari agent ni? sebelum care kasar n alamat boleh dpt di acc bank die je.. memang cari pasal.. tggu je la kat rumah tu

    1. Hi Moxs, we’re sorry to hear about your case. In fact, there are many SCR888 agents nowadays trying to cheat people money. We strongly encourage you to play with the Official SCR888 agent to ensure you will get paid all the time. You may also refer to our earlier post: SCR888 Tips: Agent Tak Bayar for more information. Cheers

  9. hi scr888,

    today morning 16/02/2017 around 6.30am i been cheated by big scr888 agents (freegame6600). They refused to pay my winning bet around 2k. please take any action regarding this issue or at least give me where is this company base location.

  10. Hii admin.. I baru kena tipu.. Cny I kena jackpot 2k.. But agent tak bayar terus block sy.. Company nama wingolden53.. Wechat I’d also same la.. This company very make me disappointed.. Plss take an action to this company.. Wingolden53..

    1. Hi Nazz, we’re sorry to hear about your case. We will take serious note on this and make a report to SCR888 Malaysia. You should really play with the authorised SCR888 agents in Malaysia to prevent this from happening in the future.

  11. Hi Admin, i was just wondering. Last night i cashout with agent SCR around 13k. Until now still they havent pay me. They give excuses saying, waiting for the SCR to reply? Is that so? Is it true or i have been cheated?

    1. Sama la mcm saye..agent suruh email scr malaysia kunun..penipu betul agent2 ni…agent tu nama the rich club..acc maybanknya maxi online

  12. Hello admin

    Ape detail yang perlu jika mau buat report bahawasanya agent itu betul atau tidak
    Apa perlu buat klu di tipu…agent tk mau cuci…agent lari…

    1. Hi Jimmy, you may fill in the “Complaint Form” after login to SCR888 game. Over there, you may write down whatever problems or difficulties that you’re facing with SCR888 agents.

  13. Ive just won 5k and this company straight blocked me.. best part is they think i didnt snapshot… i have all details of this company and banking accs… im planning in making a report and get fined by police for gambling..but i sure wont let them go so easily.if u wants those details pls do contact me and ive alao lodge a complain in yr apps but dont seems like anyone contac me regarding thia problem..this company is called deluxe…

    1. Hi Leong, we’re really sorry to hear about your case. There are just too many SCR888 agents in the market and we might not be able to supervise all. For such cases, you might lodge a report with Ministry of Gambling. They will then blacklist the relevant online gambling site for what they deserve. Cheers

  14. hi admin..
    i ada cash deposit recently in petronas cimb atm mesin..transaction was accepted..
    but when i forward the reciept to no.hp pekerja agent..they say the accnt bank wasnt used anymore.sya xdpt pun info tntang mreka da tkar accnt bank..tpi accnt cimb yg sya cash deposit sma nama dgn penama maybank accnt..WONG JU LIAN..mreka msi xbgi in to balance tht cash deposit..alasan mreka..mreka suda tkar xdpt buat apa2x..pls advce..tq

    1. Hi Hakim, most of the online casino companies would usually switch bank accounts from time to time. Even though if the account holder of their Maybank account is identical with that of CIMB account, it doesn’t mean that the company is still using the CIMB bank account. The reason being is that such bank account for online gambling purpose is considered quite risky and can easily get banned by the bank, especially CIMB. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  15. hi admin,

    i kena tipu oleh CLUB96..i dah CDM to they account cimb WONG JU LIAN 7046786511..transaction was accepted..bla i da forward reciept..dia baru bgthu account da tkar..tue cimb accnt da xguna…so xble buat i sruh dia ambl tue CDM from WONG JU LIAN penama account..sbb CLUB96 still guna accnt penama WONG JU LIAN maybank..msi dia kata xble buat apa2x…
    pls advice

  16. saya id scr 0155619665 yang bemain online game scr888 di company AG online gaming @ CSN996 contac no:0132179992.pada 21 march 2017 jam 7:30pagi saya kena random jackpot scr888 sebanyak rm 3,262.16.tapi company CSN996 @ AG asia gaming ni tak bayarwang kemenangan saya tu..wechat id company tu ialah RichGaming996.saya mat berharap kepada pihak yang berkenaan agar dapat membantu saya..

    1. Hi babydhats, we’re sorry about another tragedy that has happened to you. You may lodge a serious complaint against the agent via our SCR888 mobile apps. Meanwhile, we still strongly suggest you to play with the authorised SCR888 agent Malaysia.

  17. Sya dah kena rm1662.58 compeny Win1314 tak bayar date 20/04/2017
    WhatsApp die +60 10-313 7285
    Bank account hongliong
    Dia compeny penipu
    Langsung tak bayar

  18. scr xbayar saya cuci rm350 lepas itu agent terus block no talifon saya.siapa yang perlu bertanggung jawab??no id saya0186334740 akaun scr pun agent dah lock.siapa yg nak bayar????

    1. no fon agent0193154814 no akaun saya dah bagi tapi x bnk in call xdapat macm mana??siapa yang nk bayar??

  19. agent x bayar cuci rm350 bagi no akaun..terus block no fon say.. id saya0186334740.. no akaun agent 8008166741 ooi eng fon agen 0193154814..saya bnk in dah hampir rm1000 baru cuci rm350 dah lari???

  20. i have win 700 dollar then the agent not pay for sure they block my whatsapp and my id has been locked too!!!

  21. i am already post at the complain box.. i dont care about money but i care about respect.. and this scr 888 company trust..did u know.. this is can make scr 888 soo bad in costumer gambling eye

  22. Saya pun baru jew kena tipu semalm menang rm4300 bila suruh cuci dia cuci tapi tak bank kat acc saya diA kata ada problem company x bayar bet tak betul 0193633696 no cina tu memang sial

  23. my id 0967337320 and my agent no is 0139566789 i have win $700 dollar … you can see here malaysia number but plays at another country, this is first lier way.. second when i win they said tomorrow then until afternoon.. sudenly block my id and my whatsapp… what kind of agent…

  24. Company Goldwinys
    1ribu kau tipu aku,babi sial bleh dia ckap id aku scr cmpany lock,sdangkn game blh buka,3hari turut2 game blh je main,aku mlam sbelum aku cuci 400 dpat yg 1k blh plak dia ckap id aku kena lock,dia gnti blik duit yg aku bankin 30 lpas tu dia ckap id lock,aku pn buka game kluar id n pssword error,dia nk bgi aku id lain tpi aku ckap aku xnk join lgi dia punya cmpany,ke esokn hri aku cuba bankin plak cmpany dia,dia bgi aku id yg kena lock tpi aku diam dan main je dpt cuci 100,aku terus tanya knpa u n bodoh sgt,nk tipu pn jgn la bgi blik id lma aku bleh plak aku cuci 100 yg 1k kau ckap id lock
    Ni dia punya no 01136029595
    No akaun cimb 8602666929
    Bkw online Enterprise
    Company Goldwinys
    Ni id aku yg lock 0191414898
    Pssword Ss123123
    Ni no aku 01124242712

  25. Semlm bru i kena tipu..agent nie i sudh lama join xde ape2 prob..sebelum nie lau mahu cuci berapa pon sekejp sudh acc i..semlm i menang RM4.5k suruh cuci lpas tue trus remove dr tuk scr888 pn sudh xboley guna..mntk tolng nk settle kan mcm mn..bukn skit duit sudh keluar main scr888 nie..bru menang 4.5k sudh lari..
    Nama agent = Diamondbets88
    Bank Acc Holder = SOLARIES Enterprise

  26. Minggu ni 2 kali sy kena tipu oleh 2 agen yg berbeza. Agen pertama MaxisJudiClub pemegang akaun CIMB Bank Yeo Yii Siang, no acc:7059853122 no hp: 019-9973409, nak cuci Rm1500, pada mulanya agen ini memberi pelbagai alasan sehingga akhirnya sy diblock.
    Agen ke-2 SS Million Club, pemegang akaun CIMB Bank Reynard Kho Haw Chen, no akaun: 7063556477, no hp: 010-9722737, nak cuci Rm600, sehingga jam 10:05pm 02/07/2017, masih terus berdiam diri. Hati2 dengan agen2 ini. Sy masih dlm pertimbangan untuk membuat laporan polis dan juga SSKM.

    1. Hi Alexander, sorry to hear about your case. We receive many members complains about the issues. Maybe you can refer with our customer service team and get the better information about SCR888 Agent. πŸ™‚

    2. boss??u ade buat report kat scr ke??scr bls x..i pun kena tipu..dah berpuluh kali report kat complain box xde feedback lasong dari scr..

  27. This agent tried to fool me.. i got a picture… i got free spin in great blue and want to cuci 100 but she said scr888 dont want to pay out the money.. so she gave me another id with 20 balance.. what is thiss??? Now i got nothing.. they have all my money.. pls.. i dont know what to do with this agent.. they dont want to pay my money ..+60 17-312 1720 this is her number

    1. Hi Syaffiq, sorry to hear about the case. Now you only can do the complaint through the SCR888 Apps. On the Login Page, that’s a red box. It is to submit a complaint to the SCR888 Team.

  28. Agent penipu UNCLE JA TRADING SCR888
    A/c 8008300424 cimb
    Fon no. +6 010 5358045
    Nama (bella keldai scr888)
    Sy menang 1k monkeytunderblot suruh cuci 800 egent ni cakap
    Sestem tunderblot bemasalah sedangkan sesten ejen lain ok
    Dia ckap pihak scr tak mau bayar dia.. dia tak byar sy…hati hati dgn ejen ni…tolong ambikn tindakn segera dgn ejen ini supaya oran lain selamat

  29. Dear all,

    I baru kena tipu sama egen scr888 rm1100.. sblum ni kalah rm600 tp bila menang rm1100 last2 dia block no sy.. sy cuba wassap pkai no lain dia baca then dia pn block.. sy kecewa sgt sb ada lg egen yg mcm ni.. sy sudah buat complain dkt SCR.. harap scr dpt membantu mangsa2 penipuan online casino.. below are detail of agent.

    Phone no: +60 11-56969080
    Company name: jawscity
    Agent bank detail:
    Shin Car Rain Enterprise
    Shin Car Rain Enterprise
    Shin Car Rain Enterprise
    Shin Car Rain Enterprise

    1. Hi Khairul, sorry to hear about the cases, believe the team will processing for your cases. Or now you can try to contact our Customer Service Team to get a trusted Agent.

  30. Agent scr penipu
    Jagan bankin a/c ini:
    Mybank:5010 4866 3252
    Publick bank:3203 434 901
    Cimb bank:8008 300 424
    Hong leong bank:3330 0131 779
    No telfon agent tipu:010 535 8045
    Saya menag 1000 tidak d bayar
    Agent ini cakap scr888 cakap sestem monkey tunderblot di luar jankaan
    Kalau luar sestem jankaan knapa tak beri notis yg sestem tu tak boleh pakai
    Pasal tu agent tu tak nak bayar.
    Harap dpat kembalikan duit kemenangan saya.
    Sbanyak 1000.
    Tolong ambik tindakan kpada cmopny
    Ini UNCLE JA TRADING menang tak mau byar
    Bila menag besar mudah cakap sestem di luar jankaan… Harap pihak scr888 ambik tindakan. Saya ada cukup bukti dari wasapp screenshoot.

  31. Company take bayar.Menang 3,500 cakap dalam sistem tak ada record.
    fuck scammer company.Im advised not to play with this company.

  32. I was playing with this company for almost 1 year….since that it was no problem for “cuci”….but recently i just won 2k ++….but they ask me to wait….until now (5 days already)….still ask me to wait….what should i do… id locked ….watsap contact still can get through….i just want to know …how long i have to wait…actually of course i has been lost for few thousand already within this year …but its doesnt be a problem “adat judi”….but this recently case make me unsatisficated …have to wait so long ..beside my id had been locked…tq

      1. Plese tolong sy…agent sy tak cuci duit bgi i …i play scr guna duit btl tapi apabila dag win suruh cuci dia ckap line slow pastu dah lepas tiga jam i tanya tak dia balas balas dah sampai skrg …dah 24 jam dah lo 0107198752 ni no dia kat whatsapp …ada dia on what ada juga fia baca barang sy tulis tapi tak ambi peduli…sampai skrg duit masih ada kat dalam id sy 01712075400-id sy …please tolong..

  33. I have complaint in the complaint box…but seems the agent still active …i have it from my frends that still playing this company
    my puzzle is:-

    1. How come they still active although complaining has been submited

    2. I think not so difficult to trace them , through the hp number that we given / when the complainer can get the answer through the complaint box….

  34. To all penang scr888 player, TB 88 GLOBAL TRADING company a scam. Cheating people rm3000 and refuse pay back. I will update here the company info later. Who can help to find they out, rm1500 will be rewarded.

  35. Saya main compeny coc tranding.saya mau cuci rm4000.00…dia buat ibg tranfer,kena tunggu 2 hari baru clear,tunggu punya tunggu x clear pong.

  36. I baru kena tipu .. b4 this , my total lost kat tangan diorang more than 10k in 2 months .. but just now , i won , but they deceive me rm1800 .. diorang removed i dr WhatsApp group , then block i .. i punya password game pn diorang tukar so i xdapat login balik ..
    Acc cimb bank company under name Low Lider , agent guna nama company Xuper Win on WhatsApp , agent phone no 0175212529 .. my player id 01787052781 .. i urgently needed my winning money to pay half of my debts very soon .. kindly somebody please assist me .. i’ve load a complaint already in the application complaint box ..

  37. Saya baru je kena tipu agent. Agent BZ KIDZTOY ENTERPR. Kena Jackpot 4k lps tu x byr. Tak pasti knp dah byk kes tp masih byk agent yg x authorize still berleluasa. SCR888 have to take care their customers. Dah byk kali kena tipu tp kali ini paling besar

  38. 0107198752..John Nor… Bank No, hong Leong bank-01851135594…..i bank in the money to him but he dint put it into my account.. I can’t even log in into my ID. His phone no can’t be reach and there is no where I can contact him.. WTF…

  39. new update 9/may/2018

    company kampung tak mau bayar

    mbb no :

    company name :
    whatsapp no : 0182221290
    wechat id : asiabetclub

    menang 1k lebih tak mau bayar.
    reason kata saya pakai software tipu
    screenshoot semua ada. bukti ada.

    whatsapp saya 0172644105

  40. Baru bebepa jam lepas..ejen 918kiss termasuk deposit dlm akaun sya rm33.sya x tau deposit tu salah masok dan dah dalam akaun sya, saya trus mainlh.dlm saya main masih blom ada yg inform saya yg slh masok..dan bila kemenangan sya sudah rm781.baru agen bagitau salah masok.tapi sya x dpt cuci point sya.kalau nk potong pun knapa nk potong smua.yg slah masok just potong tu saja..yang lbih tu winning poin sya.lepas tu, trus dia block akaun sya dan potong point saya.where the money go,??Please give my winning point back.cakap trusted company..please anyone help me too.
    Egent Wechat id -LuckyBet2u2
    Whatsapp – 0107713788
    Company name not sure – VIP online scr3

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