SCR888 Tips: Agent Tak Bayar!!!

SCR888 Tips: Agent Tak Bayar!!!

SCR888 Agent “Tak Bayar”!

This could be the most heard topic in Malaysia this year. “Tak Bayar” in Malay means “Doesn’t Pay”. Some of the SCR888 agents refuse to pay players when there is a huge win. It is not a rare case in SCR888/ 918KISS games. But very often it happens in SCR888. Why is that so? From my point of view, there are a couple of reasons.

Firstly, SCR888’s winning payout is just too high. This is also one of the reasons why players love to play SCR888. They can easily win from its slot games. The more you bet the higher chances you can win. Some of the agents even refuse to promote SCR888 simply because they have had a terrible losing streak in the past. I would say SCR888 is truly a virtual online ATM machine – keep paying money.

Therefore, some agents choose not to pay when their customers win extraordinary big. Maybe RM10k, RM30k? I have no idea. This really depends on the risk appetite of each agent. What important here is those dishonest SCR888 agents (who refuse to pay their customers) are really undermining market confidence towards online casinos in Malaysia. Some players do not trust online casino companies anymore.

How often does this happen? It happens almost every day. Can you imagine how big the betting volume for SCR888 is? My guess is up to billions ringgit a day. This is huge. Not long ago, there was an announcement issued by SCR888/ 918KISS company that claims that the agent ID of any dishonest SCR888 agent could be terminated without prior notice if such agent is found to have not paying customers. However, this does not seem to be a long-term solution.

What Can You Do When SCR888 Agents Do Not Pay?

Many players are seriously looking into this problem. The precautions are taken by SCR888/ 918KISS (as mentioned above) does not help to cure the thing. Dishonest SCR888 agents could have just registered another agent ID with another upline, then the same old scenario would just repeatedly happen again. Nonetheless, this seems to be one of the only ways to recover your loss. In fact, you can always lodge a complaint against your case in SCR888 mobile games.

SCR888 Tips

As where the green arrow is pointing to in the picture above, you are allowed to lodge your complaint under “Suggestion” after you are in the game. This is supposed to gather any valuable feedback to improve SCR888 games going forward. Nevertheless, they are also taking seriously about default payment case.

SCR888 Tips

After having clicked on the “Suggestion”, you will then enter into the page as per screenshot above. This is where you can lodge your complaint against dishonest SCR888 agents. It’s optional for you to provide your mobile no. during the process. If your mobile phone is provided, SCR888/ 918KISS company would probably make a call to you when there is such a need.

Have you noticed that it’s written at the bottom as per red box above, any players that have provided valuable feedbacks might be rewarded? I have not heard anyone getting any reward for this in the past. Maybe you can try this out? Haha… I think this is a smart move by SCR888. This would really help to restore players confidence’s towards itsΒ products.

Besides, there are another useful tips if you get cheated by the dishonest SCR888 agent. After having lodged your report with the SCR888 company, you should really think about the next course of action. You should really just bet with the most trusted SCR888 agent in Malaysia. In this case, the authorized SCR888 Malaysia agent might be your best choice. Try to get a free SCR888 game ID from it and start playing without worrying not getting paid going forward.

Important Things to Do for Your New SCR888 Game ID

When you first get your SCR888 game ID, what would be the first thing to do? Most of you would start betting straight away. This is not safe. You should try to take a step back and change your own game password before playing games.

SCR888 Tips

Just click on the “Change Password” button under “Setting”, then you would be directed to another page as per photo below:

SCR888 Tips

Here, you are required to enter your old password and enter a new password. This is to secure your own login security. Remember to follow its password policy in order to successfully get your new password updated.

But why is it so important to change your SCR888 game password before start playing? This is to avoid any misunderstanding if something abnormal happens to your game account. Most of the time. some would find their SCR888 points disappear or being deducted out of no reason. This actually is to ensure that you are the only one who owns the access to your SCR888 game account.

We really hope that the above would help to address some of the issues that you have encountered in SCR888 thus far. Stay tuned for more game tips about SCR888!

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