SCR888 Tips | Deposit RM300 And Cash Out RM21,000 – Secrets Leaked!

SCR888 Tips | Deposit RM300 And Cash Out RM21,000 – Secrets Leaked!

SCR888 Tips

Today we will discuss the SCR888 tips on how to win. SCR888 is an online casino in Malaysia with the highest payout. It has plenty of free spins in its bonus feature. Recently, we’ve heard of a case that a player won RM21,000 overnight at SCR888. In this article, we will leak to you the SCR888 tips to win like the player as mentioned. They provide excellent service and the best promotions and bonuses in town. Just register as a member at Mr.Ong Online Casino and download the SCR888 app at Mr.Ong Slot Games.

SCR888 Tips: How Did The Player Do It?

Firstly, let’s give the player as mentioned earlier a name. Her name is Susan. Susan deposited RM300 the day before yesterday and cashed out with RM21,000. All she had to do was just play the slot games. It started out like this after she deposited RM300, she went to play SCR888 Great Blue with RM2 per spin. After playing for quite some time, she lost about RM100. Then, she spoke with the Live Chat team. Asking why she can’t win anything. The Live Chat team guided her and told her that the bet per line won’t have many chances in hitting anything and she needs to raise the bets per line option. After changing her bets per line, the Live Chat team also told her to slightly increase her total bet to RM15 per spin. That’s what she did.

Miraculously, it worked and she kept hitting on the free spins and other bonus features. After a few hours of playing, Susan’s credit balance was at RM4232 and her total bet per spin is only RM15. So what she did was raised her total bet per spin to RM45. About 30 minutes after raising her bet, she hit one of the free spins. And in that free spin alone, she won a total of RM6093. She felt really happy and continued with RM45 per spin. But after an hour of spinning, she decided to raise her total bet per spin again. This time, Susan raised her total bet per spin to RM105. Soon enough, she got another free spin bonus. She received RM12,947 from the free spin bonus. After this bonus, she decided to call it a day and cashed out with a total of about RM21,000.

SCR888 Tips: Be Like Susan

So what are you waiting for? Just follow the guide as for how the player Susan did it and you will cash out with RM21,000. All you have to deposit is just RM300 and start spinning today! You don’t need a big capital to play SCR888. You just have to play it smart. What can you do if you don’t have SCR888 or don’t know where to get SCR888? Just go to Mr.Ong Online Casino and register as a member then go to the Slot Games section on Mr.Ong Online Casino and download the SCR888 app. It’s not that hard and it only takes a few minutes to get all this done. Just follow exactly like what Susan did and you are set for the RM21,000. Remember that the name of the game is SCR888 Great Blue. Good Luck!!

Try On the 918KISS!

Other than the SCR888, you can try on the 918KISS Casino. Between these both online casinos, they are including the similar online gambling platform. There are much more gamblers had won such award like Susan!

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