The History of Roulette Casino Game

The History of Roulette Casino Game

If you are one of the casino players, there are high chances that you have gave the roulette game a spin in one of your trips your local casino. Many casino players choose to place their bet with roulette because the game is simple and it only involve betting on number, red or black on the roulette wheel. However, have you ever wonder how does the roulette game came about? Where does the game originally come from? Well, wonder no more, we are here to provide you the details that you need.

The roulette is a French game by design and the very first game of roulette were known to have been played in the late 1790’s in Paris or possibly earlier. While there are no dispute that the French popularized the game, the actual roulette wheel itself  is a result of a ‘fusion’ of many other games including an Italian board game called ‘Biribi’, a number of English games which utilized the wheel and also an earlier French board game which is named ‘Roulette’.

In the earlier days, the roulette has two ‘bank’ slots (zero and double-zero). A number of varieties (one bank slot; three bank slots) were also introduced but it soon lost popularity. In the end, the ‘one zero’ derivative later became the prevalent game in Europe and it remain as it is until today.

The popularity of the roulette casino game peak in the mid 1800’s. The trend spread across most part of the Europe and over to the United States. The game establish itself in United States successfully became one of the most popular games in most of the casinos. It was also at the same time that a wealthy German family by the name of Blanc were forced away from their native Germany, choosing to establish the Monte Carlo casino (and unintentionally making the single-zero variations the norm at the same time). The Monte Carlo remains as a hotspot for many casino players even till today. The location is famous for its glamour and prestige.

Similar with other casino game such as the Poker, Roulette spread around the United States via the famous Mississippi river boat casino. But as with all casino based game, its popularity really flourish in the 1970 (with James Bond cited as one of the major names to popularize the game).

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