Casino Slot Machines : The Biggest Winners

Casino Slot Machines : The Biggest Winners

It is a rare occasion where you are able to finish your trip to the casino having more money than you brought in initially. However, for the lucky few, they went home with more money than they could ever imagine by winning the big jackpot. Some winners wish to remain anonymous while others do not mind sharing the great news about their good fortune.

Here are some of the biggest winner so far:


The biggest record so far

March 21,2003: $39.7 million was won by 25-year-old software engineer from Las Vegas. The winner of this jackpot put in $100 into the Megabucks slot machine at the Excalibur to win the largest jackpot in Las Vegas history. His winnings broke the record and successfully beat the odds at that time which is one in 16.7 million. Total: $39,710,826.36.


Desert Inn new jackpot record

Jan 26, 2000: Cynthia Jay-Brennam, 37 works as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas. On one lucky day, she won $34.9 million on a Megabucks machine at the Dessert Inn and broke the casino record. However, an unfortunate incident happened six weeks later. A car accident cause by a habitual drunk drive killed her sister and left her paralyzed. The unfortunate incident fueled the myth that bad things happen to those who win the big jackpots. Total: $34,959,458


$300 in, $27.5 million out

Nov 15, 1988: Slot machine in Palace Station made history when a 67-year-old retired flight attendant from Las Vegas put in $300 into the Megabucks machines. She mentioned that her initial intention was to put in $100. Her action had resulted in a big reward of $27.5 million. She has been lucky before, having won $680,000 jackpot on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine, also from Palace Station. Her winnings at that time was the first time Megabucks had surpassed $20 million. Total: $27,580,879.60


Breakfast quick bet

March 27, 2002: Johanna Heundl,74 was on her way to breakfast at Bally’s when she suddenly felt the urge to play the Megabuck machine. Her investment on the winning bet was $170 and the reward was $22.6 million. She had initially misread the meter and thought that the total winnings was only $2 million. Total: $22,621,229.74


The Caesars Palace Hit

June 1, 1999: An Illinois man strike gold and won more than $21.3 million on a Megabuck machine at the Caesars Palace. The 49-year-old business consultant deposited $10 and won it big on the first spin. Total: $21,346,952.22

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      Is scr888 slot game too ? what is the biggest price ?

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        Hi there, SCR888 slot games are definitely the easiest-to-win online slot games in Malaysia with the most generous winning payout that you have ever seen. There is no hard record taking down how much is the highest winning payout per player. However, there have been several times where players happen to win away its progressive jackpots which is worth more than hundred millions ringgit. You could be the next lucky winner too 🙂

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