Top 5 Secrets that Casino Don’t Want You to Know

Top 5 Secrets that Casino Don’t Want You to Know

There is a favorite quote from Vegas saying ‘What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.’ The City of Sin has it fair share of secrets when it comes to winning on the casino floor. BigChoySun is about to leak out the top 5 secrets that all casino do not want you to know about.

Drinking Alcohol Increase Your Chances of Losing

Unless you are a professional drinker and able to consume alcohol without any effects, it is best to stay away from consuming alcohol while gambling. Alcohol will impair your decision making and perception. If you are serious about winning, it is best to stay clear of alcohol.

Every Games Favor the House

Have you ever felt lucky and full of confidence while entering the casino and a few hours later come out broke and feeling down? This is because there are odds in each casino game. Truth is, the odds always favor the house. No matter how lucky you are, the house edge will always win in the long run.

However, by studying the game and being a skilled player, you can turn the odds around to favor you instead. There are games where you can plan your strategy and implement it to reduce the house advantage.

Everything is Carefully Designed to Keep You in the Casino

The casino is one messy giant maze. It is intentionally designed this way so that you will get lost in it. Machine and tables are placed everywhere to keep players from leaving. You might remember that the exit is near some set of slot machines, as you look around, you might find that the same set of slot machines are everywhere else. This set up is especially challenging for people who have consumed a lot of alcohol in the casino.


Casinos like to give out a complimentary coupon to its visitors. Some examples of the regular coupon received include a free stay for an extra night, free meals, and shows. Apart from that, casino reward card system is also a gimmick to keep the customer coming back for more betting action. Freebies can help lift up the spirit of customer who has a losing hand. Even if they lose, they will feel that they have gained something in the end and more likely to return again. Whatever value of freebies casino give out, they will make it back from the same group of people in hundreds fold.

Security is Tight, They are Watching You

All casino have high tech camera installed to catch cheaters. They will zoom in on your cards if they wanted to. They would be able to put together all your movement in the casino easily with the high tech program that is available to them. If you are on a hot winning streak or hit a jackpot, the security will have its eyes on you. Anyway, all these technologies used is not there to harass the visitors. They are just there to keep things legit and move on.


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