Useful Download Links for Malaysia Online Casino Games 2016

Useful Download Links for Malaysia Online Casino Games 2016

Malaysia Online Casino Games

Malaysia online casino games are live casino games, online slot games, as well as sports betting sites that are offered by Malaysia online casino to provide entertaining activities to all casino players in Malaysia. Usually, players engage with online betting sites for such services. Online betting sites act as the intermediary to facilitate all monetary related issues regarding online gambling activities. People always seek for the most trusted and most reliable online casino companies for betting services. But most of the time, it is difficult to get a good one. As such, Malaysia online casino review sites have been set up to benefit all in relation to this matter. On review sites, you are able to search for the highest reviewed Malaysia online casino site. Other players leave comments and testimonials on review sites. This is considered the fastest way to evaluate the quality of an online betting site in Malaysia.

There are countless of Malaysia online casino games existing in the market. People get confused when choosing which one to play. Of course, there is only one ultimate goal for everyone: to win big from casino games. Therefore, people usually aim for the online casino products that offer the highest winning payout or progressive jackpots. In this post, we will share about some of the useful download links for the most trendy online casino products in 2016. Let’s take a look below.

No.1 – 918KISS Online Casino

The 918KISS is the top Online Casino in Malaysia. They are having over 100 million players who enjoy their casino games daily. In addition, the 918KISS Casino is including about 130 Online Casino Games, and most of them are the Slot Games. You shouldn’t miss the gameplay with the 918KISS Casino Games, as there are many players have won the large reward from the 918KISS Game. Download the 918KISS Casino APP for free here.

918KISS Agent Site: http://kiosk.918kiss.com

918KISS APK & iOS Download: https://tm.918kiss-kiosks.com

No.2 – SCR888 Online Casino

Malaysia Online Casino

SCR888 Online Casino is the most played slot game product in Malaysia for the year of 2016. People love it, simply because it has the highest winning payout as well as attractive progressive jackpots to be won away. Whether you are SCR888 agents or SCR888 players, you may refer to the following useful links for your personal purpose:-

SCR888 Agent Site: http://kiosk.918kiss.com

SCR888 Android and IOS Download: https://tm.918kiss-kiosks.com

No.3 – NewTown Casino (NTC33)

Malaysia Online Casino

NewTown Casino could be the next hottest live casino game product in Malaysia, especially when the top online betting product – 12Win Casino has been experiencing some kind of technical issues recently. 6 months after the previous shutdown of its game server during the last quarter of 2015, NewTown Casino has finally made its comeback to the Malaysian online casino industry. For big fans of live casino games, you may try downloading its casino game applications using the following links:

NewTown Casino Agent Site: http://kiosk.ntc33.com

NewTown Casino Desktop Download: http://cdn.ntc33.com/ntc/setupglx.exe

NewTown Casino Android Download: http://m.ntc33.com

No.4 – Rollex Casino (Rollex11)

Malaysia Online Casino

Rollex Casino is very popular amongst illegal gambling dens in Malaysia. Players fall in love with its desktop version given simple game interface and strong system stability. Its mobile version also provides extra flexibility to those who would like to bet at home or office. Below is the latest download links for Rollex Casino in 2016:

Rollex Casino Agent Site: http://www.rollex11.com

Rollex Casino Desktop Download: http://link.rollex11.com

Rollex Casino Android Download: http://m.rollex11.com

No.5 – LuckyPalace Casino

Malaysia Online Casino

LuckyPalace Casino offers the most number of casino games in Malaysia. Its live casino game series has over 50 live casino table and card games, including Baccarat, Roulette, Sicbo, Blackjack, and Casino Holde’m. All its live casino games are broadcasted from studio casino located in Philippines. Hence, it is completely fair and transparent. Its download links are also available at below:

LuckyPalace Casino Agent Site: https://kiosk.lpe88.com

LuckyPalace Casino Desktop Download: http://cdn.lpe88.com/setup.exe

LuckyPalace Casino Mobile Live Download: http://m.ld176988.com/live/download.html

LuckyPalace Casino Mobile Slots Download: http://m.ld176988.com/download.html

LuckyPalace Casino Flash Download: http://www.lpe88.com


No.6 – Crown Casino

Malaysia Online Casino

Crown Casino is quite similar to LuckyPalace Casino, also come with wide variety of casino games. It is worth highlighting that Crown Casino offers more than 300 online slot games for player’s game selection, including some of the most famous slot games in Malaysia such as Highway Kings, Great Blue, Bonus Bears, Monkey Thunderbolt, and many more. You may download its games using the links below:

Crown Casino Agent Site: http://www.crw128.com

Crown Casino Desktop Download: http://cdn.crown128.com/d/setup.exe

Crown Casino Mobile Live Download: http://m.gm175688.com/live/download.html

Crown Casino Mobile Slots Download: http://m.gm175688.com/download.html

Crown Casino Flash Download: http://www.crw128.com


No.7 – LeoCity88 Casino

Malaysia Online Casino

LeoCity88 Casino is a newly-rising Playtech’s online casino product in Malaysia. Despite new appearance, it has slowly become the favourite of some of the online casino players in Malaysia. With high quality live casino games and slot games, its players would be entertained all day long. Check out its download links below:

LeoCity88 Casino Agent Site: http://kiosk.leocity88.com

LeoCity88 Casino Desktop Download: http://cdn.lpe88.com/setup.exe

LeoCity88 Casino Mobile Live Download: http://m.ld176988.com/live/download.html

LeoCity88 Casino Mobile Slots Download: http://m.ld176988.com/download.html

LeoCity88 Casino Flash Download: http://www.leocity88.com

Kindly take note that LeoCity88 Casino’s download version is using the same source as LuckyPalace Casino, thus you might see LuckyPalace Casino logo after you have downloaded from the links above. It is normal, and just use your LeoCity88 game ID to login to LuckyPalace Casino game software.

No.8 – Clubsuncity Casino

Malaysia Online Casino

Clubsuncity Casino is highly similar to the other two famous slot game products, namely PlayBoy888 Casino and GreatWall99 Casino. Basically, there is no difference between the three, but only their product logo representing different brand names. Wukong is the most famous multiplayer online slot game offered by Clubsuncity Casino. If you want to play Clubsuncity Casino games, you may download its game application via the following links:

Clubsuncity Casino Agent Site: https://www.playboy888.cc/IGKiosk

Clubsuncity Casino Desktop Download: https://www.playboy888.cc/Installer

Clubsuncity Casino Android and IOS Download: https://www.playboy888.cc/APP

No.9 – IBCBet (MaxBet) Malaysia

Malaysia Online Casino

IBCBet (MaxBet) Malaysia has long been the most popular online sports betting product in Malaysia. It provides various betting styles on the world’s largest sports events, such as Asian Handicap, Mixed Parlay, Correct Score, 1X2, and Over/Under. You do not need to download any of its software, but just go to its member site to place for your winning bets:

IBCBet (MaxBet) Malaysia Agent Site: http://www.ultra88.com

IBCBet (MaxBet) Malaysia Member Site: http://www.maxbet.com

No.10 – SBOBet Malaysia

Malaysia Online Casino

SBOBet Malaysia is another international online sports bookmaker that is highly reputable in Malaysia. It covers most of the major football leagues from around the world, providing seamless online sports betting services to all the football fans in Malaysia. To play its products, you may take a look at the following:

SBOBet Malaysia Agent Site: http://www.beer777.com

SBOBet Malaysia Member Site: http://www.sbobet.com


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