How to Win Blackjack in Casino

How to Win Blackjack in Casino

The House Always Wins

Don’t be surprised when you hear that the odds are stacked against you when you are betting against the house. Ever wonder why casinos always win money in the long run? The casino advantage is built upon an advantage called the house edge.

For example, general roulette house edge is about 5%. This mean that for every dollar that you bet, the casino is prepared to return $0.95 to the players and keep the other $0.05. Don’t be silly if you think you can get your $0.95 if you bet just $1.00. In a bigger picture, this also mean that if every players’ total bet in the casino for the night is $1 million,  the casino is prepare to pay back $950,000 and keep the other $50,000 as profit.

With this edge, the casino is happy to let you have your winning streak. Honestly, they do not need to beat every player every time. With the odds in mind, they just know they will win around 5.26% of the total roulette bets placed for over the year. The casino do not need to cheat. This is because all the game have built in mathematical advantage.

Winning Blackjack is Easier Compared to Other Games

Given that the house edge on each game is different, Blackjack on the other hand is unique. The odds for blackjack changes after every hand it is played. The skill and strategy of the player can affect every game.

Ever heard of Edward O. Thorp? He is the father of card counting. The secret of card counting had been exposed through his book ‘Beat the Dealer.’ For over two generations, professional and amateur card players has successfully used his system to increase their own betting edge and get great results in winning blackjack.

Use This Blackjack Strategy to Increase Your Winning Odds.

Keep this strategy in mind and win big tonight. And you can place the bet into the 918KISS Casino, as they are awarding the high return rate. Good Luck!!


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