Winning Baccarat:  Strategy For Massive Win

Winning Baccarat: Strategy For Massive Win

Baccarat Betting Techniques

The card game Baccarat is popular among casino goers today, mainly due to the ease with which anyone can play it no matter their skill level. Moreover, the fact that there are variations of baccarat means that it can be played in three ways: Baccarat Banque, Baccarat Chemin and Punto Baccarat. No matter what version you play, it is a game between 2 individual’s hand of cards, known as the “banker” and the “player”, and to win, you must employ skill and strategy. Moreover, you can try the gameplay with the 918KISS Casino. As the 918KISS Casino is including the Baccarat Casino Game.

No matter whether you go through literature or search online, different people have ideas on how to win at Baccarat. You will find that over years, a number of strategies or “systems” have been developed to help you play and win at Baccarat. So before you saunter into a casino, first familiarize yourself with these 8 Baccarat winning systems:

The self-taught baccarat system

While this is not a Baccarat betting system developed and posted on any internet site or written in a book, it is best to get used to employing your own knowledge of actual Baccarat rules. Before you can start venturing out, practice alone with a pack of playing cards at home or with a partner for fun without putting any of your money at risk. This will help you develop your own playing style and build confidence in it. It will prepare you to actually gamble with real money applying a system of your own design.

The 1-3-2-6 system

This uses a positive progression system. In layman terms, it involves relying on bets placed in the long run as opposed to betting on and trying to win every hand. For instance, if you believe that you can win the next four hands in a row, then you can consistently bet a single unit (chip, dollar, etc./), then 3, then 2 and finally 6 throughout out your gambling session. The system is premised on the assumption that you will come out ahead if you walk out at the appropriate time.

The Labouchere system

This is one of the most complex Baccarat betting strategies you can employ. For instance, the system may instruct you to bet one unit the first time, then eliminate the outside numbers if your first bet wins. Finally, if you win your next bet, you’ll have completed a cycle and can therefore start betting again by wagering a single unit.

The Paroli System

This is another positive progression system. In the Paroli system, you should start by betting one unit and should you win, double the next bet. Should you get lucky again, double it again till you win three times. After this, you can begin a new betting cycle.


This is a defensive Baccarat betting system that utilizes an approach similar to that popular among Blackjack players. To be more specific, Chemin-der-Fer dictates that in most instances, you should wager on the dealer’s hand failing instead of betting on your hand succeeding in most instances. This leaves overall betting as an extra.

The Contre D’ Alembert betting system

This is one of the simplest Baccarat betting systems, you will have to reduce your bet in case you lose and increase it if you win. It is a simple technique recommended for players who trust cycles.

The Fibonacci betting system

Fibonacci was a mathematical genius who created a sequence of numbers where any of them are the sum of the previous two. To use this in baccarat, you will have to follow the numbers and increase your bet after a loss and reduce it after a win. If you are lucky to win two times in a row, or two times in three bets, you will have to come back to your initial betting amount.

The Martingale Betting system

Most gamblers use the martingale system in roulette, but it can also be applied to baccarat. The system involves doubling your bet in case of a loss. Theoretically, you will eventually recover all losing bets with a single win. However, this strategy requires that you have a huge budget in case of a long losing streak otherwise you may go broke in a few bets. Keep in mind however, that casinos set up maximum bet on a table to counter this technique.

Have in mind that the odds always favor the casino and even these 8 Baccarat betting systems can’t change this fact.

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